Red Notice Put A Ryan Reynolds Billboard Up Right Down The Street From Hugh Jackman’s, And The Music Man Star Responded

Hollywood has seen some great faux rivalries over the years, but very few top the one between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds. For years now, the two X-Men alums have shared barbs, each seemingly sharper than the last. The two most commonly like to poke fun at each other’s bodies of work and, right now, both stars have released (or will be releasing) massive projects. Jackman is currently looking forward to his Broadway run on The Music Man and was delighted to see a billboard for it. Though he shared some hilariously unimpressed thoughts when he discovered that an ad for Reynolds’ Red Notice was in the vicinity. 

The former Wolverine actor took to Twitter to air his grievances with the New York-based advertisement. In the video, fans can hear the actor questioning why the Red Notice billboard had to be in such close proximity of his own. Check out the funny clip for yourself down below:

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Somehow, it seems the universe is constantly pulling Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds into each other’s orbits in one way or another. This latest instance could just be a coincidence or someone could be toying with them. Regardless of the exact reason for it, it’s  a pretty delightful turn of events. (Also, can we talk about the fact that no one on the street seems to notice Jackman recording and critiquing?)

The actor, singer and dancer has been putting in some serious work ahead of his stage stint. Overall, the past several months, he’s kept fans updated through a number of social media videos that show off his training. And it hasn’t been easy, as he actually injured his nose during a rehearsal in October. He, thankfully, seems to have bounced back in a big way, because the latest video, which dropped a little over a week ago, shows him dancing like an absolute pro. So one can see why he’d jokingly lament seeing his faux foe’s face in proximity of his own production’s ad space.

Ryan Reynolds does deserve some serious kudos, though, as Red Notice has proven to be a massive success for Netflix. Since its debut on the streamer, the action caper has seemingly broken record after record. The film hit the top spot on the service’s trending list and is currently the most-watched movie in the streamer’s history. Needless to say, the Canadian actor, and his colleagues, certainly have room to celebrate. 

Hugh Jackman has yet to comment on the success of the film, but he did take a moment to shoot a rare compliment at his rival. When the Deadpool star received a Wall Street Journal Innovator’s Award, Jackman sent his congratulations. And ahead of that, Ryan Reynolds sent the Music Man star some love after seeing one of his rehearsal videos. So amid the barbs here and there, there’s definitely love between these two. 

Of course, fans are likely looking forward to the next time one of them makes a joke at the other’s expense. I’m personally curious to see how the Free Guy star reacts to this latest video. He’s a clever and crafty guy so, if he does plan to share a retort, it’ll probably come when we least expect it.

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