I Have No Context For This Clip Of Jane Fonda Talking About Sitting On Ryan Gosling’s Face, But I Can’t Stop Watching It

Jane Fonda glammed up in 80 For Brady and Ryan Gosling dressed as Ken in Barbie, pictured side by side.
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When you’re an entertainment legend like Jane Fonda, you know how to turn heads and perk up some ears. Appearing in the 2023 new movie release 80 For Brady is only the latest effort that’s kept her in the public eye, partially through the press rounds to promote such projects. Which leads to a clip that I can’t stop watching, as I have no context on why Ms. Fonda is talking about sitting on Ryan Gosling’s face, and I’m still trying to figure it out.

That was probably the intention of THR, as they released this tease of a clip on its official TikTok account. It certainly did the trick, as you can observe in the actual video below. See if you can guess why Jane Fonda is all of a sudden very amorous about Mr. Gosling: 


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Naturally the attraction is something anyone who’s seen the best Ryan Gosling movies could understand. He’s funny, a fantastic actor and a great family man with his partner/potentially secret wife Eva Mendes. Also, as if all of that weren’t enough, the Barbie trailer probably made Fonda feel the same thirst most other people anticipating the Greta Gerwig film have been encountering. Maybe that’s what has been stoking the fires for Jane Fonda, but at the moment, one cannot be certain. 

The Grace and Frankie star has been around her fair share of beefcakes recently, especially in 80 For Brady. Both Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski get some major screen time alongside the legendary actor, and Gronk especially scored a fun moment with Jane Fonda’s character, who is known for writing erotica starring Rob himself. If you watch the trailer for 80 For Brady again, you'll be able to catch a glimpse of that very scene: 

Audiences have rallied behind 80 For Brady, despite the critical reaction being ok at best. That might be enough to signal to the movie marketplace that Jane Fonda and her co-stars are part of a winning team, and in turn spark a demand for more films similar to that in spirit. So if there’s any fan clubs for older women who love Ryan Gosling, you may want to start calling your agents, as there’s potential in the air to tell your story. 

Jane Fonda fans have a lot to celebrate at the moment. Currently, 80 For Brady is still running in theaters, and will more than likely stream for those with a Paramount+ subscription in the months to come. Also, Fonda will be reteaming with friend and co-star Lily Tomlin in the dark comedy Moving On, which is set to debut at the movies on March 17th. 

Though with Barbie set to open on July 21st, maybe it’s not too late to sneak a last minute cameo with Fonda and Ryan Gosling’s Ken, if only to bring her closer to her dream, but in a PG-13 friendly manner. Maybe that's what she's trying to say in the interview above, but until there's more context, we'll all have to wait for more clues to this steamy mystery. 

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