If You Like Movie Theater Popcorn, AMC And Walmart Are Here With Good News

George eating popcorn on Seinfeld
(Image credit: Netflix)

If you’re a big movie theater popcorn person, we’re about to bring you some salty and delicious news. AMC Theaters has decided to join forces with Walmart to expand its popcorn sales outside of its theaters. Starting mid-next month, Walmart will be offering six varieties of AMC popcorn for sale in its stores.

The big rollout will take place on March 11th, which is conveniently one day before The Academy Awards. Some of the varieties will initially be available in featured endcaps, and eventually, all six of the options will be on standard shelves inside the super retailer’s more than 2,600 locations.

At this point, it’s unclear which of the choices will be available during that initial run in the endcaps, but eventually, hungry fans, whether they like movies or not, will be able to enjoy all six varieties of AMC Perfectly Popcorn. The flavor choices will be Classic Butter, Extra Butter and Lightly Salted, and customers will be able to choose between unpopped popcorn and already popped popcorn. Pro tip: if you pick the unpopped version of Extra Butter, it comes with a buttery topping packet that you can add for extra buttery goodness after you open the bag.

The microwave popcorn options will come in a six pack for under five bucks before tax. The popped options will be sold for under four bucks before tax. I'm obviously going to try the microwave option, but no shame if you prefer to eat the ready made. 

Fingers crossed this goes well and AMC decides to add additional flavors down the road. And also, I want to send a quick shoutout to my mother-in-law. She buys a giant tub of popcorn every time she goes to the movies and then gets it refilled on the way out. She’s probably already at the store waiting in line to buy this. 

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