I’m Geeking Out A Little Bit About Seeing Michael B. Jordan Behind The Camera For Creed III

Michael B. Jordan pointing at a monitor and wearing headphones while directing Creed III
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The Creed III trailers alone have me stoked for Michael B. Jordan’s third outing as Adonis Creed. However, the fact that this will be Jordan’s directorial debut makes me even more excited about the film. Now, with the movie a few months away from hitting theaters, new behind-the-scenes footage of Jordan directing was released, and it has me geeking out a little bit. 

On top of Creed III’s stacked cast, incredible action and what looks to be a very personal story for the character, having Jordan behind the camera is extremely exciting. He probably knows the character better than anyone, considering he’s been playing the boxer since 2015, and that knowledge and care make him the perfect person to helm the film in my opinion. On top of all this Jordan also talked about the story, and how it will be elevated above the first and second Creed  films, saying in the BTS video

In Creed III I wanted to know what Adonis’ limits were. So, to be able to finally step behind the camera and continue to elevate and evolve this story is something I’m eternally grateful for.

Jordan has previously spoken about how “crazy” it is that Creed III will be his directorial debut. He wrote that there’s not another film “more personal” to him, and that there is no film he’s “felt more ready to steer.” I think you can feel that confidence, passion and excitement in this amazing behind-the-scenes video, check it out: 

On top of this amazing video that shows Jordan in action both in front of and behind the camera, he’s also spoken about taking on the challenges of simultaneously starring in and directing a film. Luckily there are some top-tier directors who have helped him out. Actors/directors Denzel Washington and Bradley Cooper both offered Jordan advice for his first film. Not to mention the first Creed’s director and Jordan’s longtime collaborator Ryan Coogler also gave the first-time director notes while he was making Creed III

I think all this advice and help will pay off, because Creed III looks astounding, and as Jordan said it’ll be unlike any other boxing movie.

Creed III is not just your typical boxing movie. We really wanted to take advantage of the emotional journey of the characters, and put that into the ring, have it pay off in a physical way.

On top of this personal story between Jordan’s character Adonis Creed and Jonathan Majors’ character Damian Anderson, we can also expect incredible action.  Not only will it be technically incredible action, but it was also shot on IMAX cameras, which means we’ll be able to watch this movie on the biggest screen possible, in incredibly high quality. 

Jordan talked about the IMAX experience, saying: 

This is the first sports film to be shot on IMAX cameras. With the IMAX experience, you can take in the environment in a way that you normally wouldn’t. You’re able to see every bead of sweat, every impact, the ripples in the skin, the sounds of footsteps, the punches, the music, the lack of sound, and really immerse yourself into the entire world.

To add to the intensity of the video, the first time I saw this BTS footage was on an IMAX screen before I saw Avatar: The Way of Water. So, all that intensity and detail Jordan is talking about was crystal clear to me. Seeing this teaser on one of the biggest screens possible was incredible, and it really made me realize that this film is going to be a spectacle. 

With the 2023 movie schedule fast approaching the wait for Creed III is almost over, and you’ll be able to catch Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut in theaters on March 3. 

Riley Utley
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