I’m Obsessed With Movie And TV-Themed Ugly Christmas Sweaters, From Die Hard To Ted Lasso

Lacey Chabert in Haul Out The Holly.
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Tis the season to be jolly, and for many movie lovers everywhere that means ugly Christmas sweaters will be coming out in full force. The ugly Christmas sweater comes in many varieties, from ugly because of its print to ugly because it’s something your grandma would wear to so ugly it’s almost cute. It’s a case of different strokes for different folks, but if you are part of that cross-section of the population that a. self identifies as a movie buff and b. has an ugly Christmas sweater party coming up, CinemaBlend has you totally covered. Well, at least from the waist up. 

A Nightmare Before Christmas

Always a classic, at Disneyland you can get a ton of Nightmare Before Christmas gear this time of year thanks to the changeover of The Haunted Mansion. A lot of that stuff's legitimately cute, however. If you want that ugly Christmas sweater twist, Disney has you covered as well, and you can nab this sweater (well, sweatshirt) in a variety of colors. I particularly encourage the ugliest of the bunch, which is the bright blue version. 


Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Santa Jack Sweater, $39.99

Ted Lasso 

Everyone's favorite mustachioed Apple TV+ character has his own ugly Christmas sweater, as well. While Ted Lasso is not a Christmas project in the same way Nightmare is, I'd be impressed if anyone showed up to my party in this classic from the Warner Bros. shop. 


Ted Lasso Holiday Sweater, $64.95

Star Wars

Any Star Wars fan out there should know there is just a crazy amount of stuff out there you can own from classy and sophisticated Star Wars gifts to ugly Christmas sweaters. Honestly, of all of the ugly Christmas sweaters I have encountered in my day, this one from The Mandalorian, which in fact has a little pocket for an adorable Baby Yoda / Grogu plush, takes the cake. Though, it's also you also can't go wrong with this classic 'Your lack of cheer is disturbing' Vader sweatshirt either. 


Star Wars Baby Yoda The Child Ugly Christmas Sweater, Mad Engine $59.95

Die Hard

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Bruce Willis has reportedly said 'no' in the past, but does it really matter when there is a look as ugly as this one to rock your love for the iconic movie this holiday season? I can just imagine B-99's Jake Peralta showing off his own love for the franchise in this look.

Plus you can get it in a variety of prints and colors. I included a classic color scheme below, but if you want a truly heinous look supporting this particular fandom, I would suggest the purple sweatshirt. You do you. 


Nakatomi Plaza Christmas Party 1988 Die Hard Ugly Christmas Sweater, $29.99-39.99

Stranger Things

A Stranger Things ugly Christmas sweater just makes all the sense in the world. There are a slew of options, which makes sense given the Netflix series' popularity. However, I'm pitching this light up one because it fits both the box of truly ugly and truly on-brand for the '80s-set show. 


Spencer's Light-Up Stranger Things Ugly Christmas Sweater, $47.99

Mean Girls

Between candy cane-grams and an iconic performance of "Jingle Bell Rock," Mean Girls is another fan-favorite movie that's great to revisit around the holiday season. Particularly when Glen Coco is involved. You go Glen Coco. If you aren't into it, fine, but none for you, Gretchen Wieners. 


Mean Girls Glen Coco Ugly Christmas Sweater, $43.99

House Of The Dragon

Honestly, this is an excellent sweater. It's so excellent, I'm not sure I can even qualify it in good conscious as "ugly." However, it also is too cool to not be on this list. If you've shifted from GOT fandom to House of the Dragon, this one may be the buy of the season and with Season 2 of HOTD and (hopefully) plenty more seasons to come, it's one you should be able to wear for a while. 


House of the Dragon Holiday Sweater, $64.95

Of course, there are plenty of ugly and so-ugly-they're-cute looks to shop for this holiday season, but for the entertainment buff in your life, a movie themed sweater might just do the trick. At the very least, they're certainly conversation starters. Now excuse me while I throw on my own NSFW Letterkenny sweater and then cap that off with my coffee mug that reads "running on coffee and Hallmark channel." Hey, I'm not judging you on your random taste. 

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