Insanely Cute Clip Of Keanu Reeves Telling Drew Barrymore She Can Be A Lover AND A Fighter Is Running Around On The Internet Again

Keanu Reeves on the Drew Barrymore Show December 21, 2021
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Keanu Reeves may be best known for saying quippy one-liners like “Excellent!” in the Bill & Ted movies, or memorably greeting an E3 crowd by calling them “breathtaking,” but in his interviews over the years, the Matrix actor has proved to be a man of wisdom. Months ago, he created a memorable moment on The Drew Barrymore\, and it looks like it’s becoming another special part of his legacy as the internet’s favorite boyfriend.

While promoting The Matrix Resurrections back in December 2021, Keanu Reeves joined Drew Barrymore and they engaged in an adorable talk show chat that made waves months ago. The moment has made such a mark that it’s running around the internet again, now with an edit backing the video with sweet music that makes the interview even more wonderful. Check it: 

Instagram user cinephilpage made the edit and the quote is blowing up all over again – appearing not only on Instagram but also Facebook. It’s a great perspective and perhaps a good reminder for anyone going about their day and scrolling the often negative-ridden internet. It’s no wonder another Keanu Reeves moment is going viral. 

The clip comes from a segment of the show where Drew Barrymore asked for the actor’s thoughts on whether he would let someone know if they cut him in line. Keanu Reeves says it would be case by case, because sometimes people cut in lines because they are late for a flight or have some other kind of pressing issue. 

The conversation then moved into Drew Barrymore complimenting Reeves for his reputation over the years, contrasting it to her own. Reeves spoke about the positives of rebellion; it just depends on what she does with her “bite.” Barrymore said she’s not a biter, she’s a barker, and a lover not a fighter. It leads Reeves to go into this, now viral quote:

If you’re a lover, you’ve got to be a fighter… because if you don’t fight for your love, what kind of love do you have?

The best part of the video might be when Keanu Reeves seemingly gets a little nervous by his wisdom and stands up and walks away. While he may not have been confident in his random piece of advice, it certainly is resonating with a lot of people and going down in talk show history already. 

Keanu Reeves does have an incredible reputation, with numerous moments throughout his career showing that he’s a genuine guy. He recently giving a chunk of his Matrix: Resurrections salary to cancer research. Last month, Reeves also went viral for answering a series of questions of a 14-year-old boy who stopped him at an airport before firing questions back at him in a friendly way that made the fan's day. 

Reeves will next appear in the 2023 movie release John Wick: Chapter 4, set to be released on March 24. 

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