Drew Barrymore And Keanu Reeves' Talk Show Chat Is Almost Too Adorable To Exist, And Twitter Agrees

Keanu Reeves may be all about The Matrix Resurrection these days, with Drew Barrymore more known for other genre classics like Never Been Kissed and Scream, but many Christmas movie fans will be quick to remind you that back in 1986, Barrymore and Reeves met on the holiday TV movie Babes in Toyland. 35 years later, the two reunited (not for the first time) on Barrymore’s talk show, and viewers were just not ready for the level of OMG adorable they were about to witness.

I always thought Adam Sandler completed Drew Barrymore's best on-screen pairing, but I'm rethinking that after watching Barrymore and Keanu Reeves reminisce about the past, discuss what it means to be free and even dance during their endlessly watchable interview. Like some of The Drew Barrymore Show fans on Twitter, I'm desperately wondering why these two beloved Hollywood stars aren't sharing the screen far more often. 

One particularly spectacular moment came when the host used an old adage and declared herself to be a lover, and not a fighter. Keanu Reeves huskily explained why you can’t be one without the other before breaking into a fit of laughter that spread to Barrymore and the audience alike. Check out the clip below:

You could practically hear a pin drop before Keanu Reeves jumped out of his chair! Everybody was hanging on to every syllable. Drew Barrymore seems to have easy chemistry with a lot of her guests, but her exchanges with the Bill and Ted star were even more fun to witness than most.

The actor came into the interview prepared to relive their Babes in Toyland days, but Drew Barrymore regaled him with another memory they shared: her Sweet 16 birthday party, where Keanu Reeves took her out for a joyride on his motorcycle. It was clear that the actress held that memory in a special place in heart, saying the feeling she was filled with on that day was the epitome of freedom, which is that much harder to find as we get older. You can see how passionate she was in her retelling below:

While it didn’t seem like Keanu Reeves quite remembered that particular motorcycle trip with his one-time co-star, he understood Drew Barrymore’s yearning for that feeling of being free. He seemed to get emotional as he spoke about acting offering a similar kind of release for him, between the balance of real and make-believe. 

It was half Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and half The Matrix, and Twitter fans were totally buying what Keanu Reeves was selling.

The Cult of the Wyld Stallyn is one for which I'd possibly have my own laminated membership card. But not all fans out there are future cult members, as some reacted in slightly more calm ways...

keanu reeves and drew barrymore together is all i could have ever wanted


The whole interview was a delight, and one can only hope it inspires casting directors to bring them together for any number of projects in the future. Because honestly, is there any way their conversation could have been any cuter? Oh, wait. Yes, in fact there is, because there was also dancing!


Check out these babes in Toyland ##keanureeves ##babesintoyland

♬ original sound - teqfla

Just stahhhp. The whole world is going to be shipping this pair now. (Non-romantically, obviously, and their name would be KeanDrew, also obviously.) Had there not been dancing, it would have been fine enough, but the extra-ness sends it to outer space. As I'm sure the below commenter would agree, it was everything.

keanu reeves on the drew barrymore show really checking all the fucking boxes for me


So powerful was this interview that it brought even more people into the Keanu Reeves fanbase, which you might not have thought could get any larger. And yet:

If you want to see the duo in action this holiday season, Babes in Toyland is available for streaming on Prime Video. Of course, Keanu Reeves can be seen in The Matrix Resurrections in theaters and on HBO Max starting December 22, and check your local listings to catch when The Drew Barrymore Show airs on CBS in your area!

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