It Looks Like Johnny Depp Wasn’t The Only Big Winner In The Amber Heard Trial

After a truly dizzying time in court, the defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has finally come to an end. While the Aquaman star might have plans to appeal the verdict, the discourse surrounding the events in the courtroom haven’t slowed down. And it looks like Depp wasn’t the only big winner in the Heard trial, because his lawyer Camille Vasquez also reportedly has much to celebrate.

The public was able to watch the defamation trial play out live on television, which resulted in fans dissecting every frame of footage. Folks especially became invested in the work being done by lawyer Camille Vasquez, as rumors swirled that she could be dating Johnny Depp. And according to the New York Post, she’s been flooded with offers from Hollywood and is also the subject of a bidding war at law firms. An unnamed figure in the industry opened up to the outlet about Vasquez’s success, saying:

Talent agents are circling Camille because they recognize that she is the unicorn — a smart, savvy, poised attorney whose impactful performance during the trial propelled her to a rare level of visibility. And the fact that she is a woman of color is an added bonus.

Camille Vasquez outside the courtroom

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Indeed, Camille Vasquez has a number of viral moments throughout the defamation trial, particularly while cross examining Amber Heard on the stand. While her skills as a lawyer were definitely on display, the public was also invested in the rumored personal stakes involved. Although there’s been no indication that Vasquez and Johnny Depp are actually involved romantically.

All eyes were on the action in the Virginia courtroom during the defamation trial, and the footage quickly made its way online. Johnny Depp fans compiled footage of his interactions with Camille Vasquez, with TikToks dedicated to every glance/conversation shared in court. But it sounds like rather than her romantic life taking steps forward, Vasquez’s career is getting a huge boost thanks to the verdict of the trial. 

One of the ways that we might see Camille Vasquez back on our TVs is being an on-air correspondent for other legal cases. According to another unnamed source/former network executive, another bidding war might be happening for the 37 year-old lawyer. Namely, by network who would like her to join the staff, as they put it:

Camille is inarguably a great voice to weigh in on legal matters and networks are naturally chomping at the bit to speak with her about on-air opportunities.

The defamation trial ended last week, with the jury largely siding with Johnny Depp over his ex-wife Amber Heard. She was found guilty on 3 cases of defamation, with Depp was found guilty of one. But the financial stakes involved definitely sided with the Pirates of the Caribbean actor, who is owed over $10 million by Heard. 

Professionally, Johnny Depp has started booking new movie roles, while Amber Heard will appear in Aquaman 2. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

Corey Chichizola
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