James Bond Boss Responds To Rumors About 007 Casting

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In some cinematic universes, the executives map out several years of programming, giving fans a good idea of what to expect… and anticipate. We have features on all of the upcoming Marvel movies and upcoming DC movies that will be making their way to theaters in the coming years, so we know the types of stories they want to tell, and who might be playing key roles. The James Bond saga has never played by those rules. Because they focus on one main hero, the agent with a license to kill, they don’t have to worry about spinoffs and prequels. They just have to get one movie right, and it requires ideal casting. Which, according to those in the know, hasn’t begun yet. 

The team behind the James Bond franchise has a daunting task ahead of them. They need to replace Daniel Craig, the most recent Bond who also became a fan favorite, in part due to the serialized storytelling that helped his 007 build a captivating story arc from his debut in Casino Royale to his franchise exit in No Time to Die. Once Craig left, we ranked his movies from best to worst, but the producers started to focus on the next Bond. Appearing on the red carpet for the BAFTAs, however, Barbara Broccoli addressed the state of the search for a new 007, and told LADBible:

No, we haven’t even started casting yet. There isn’t even a script.

James Bond In Order

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In other words, be patient. Barbara Broccoli’s words deflate a number of James Bond casting rumors that have swept up everyone from Idris Elba to the former Superman, Henry Cavill. Because Broccoli says they don’t even have a script yet, there’s no way of knowing what type of actor (or actress) they would want as Bond. Are they going very young? Will they do a one-off with a veteran 007? The paths forward are plentiful, but those questions need to be answered before any casting is decided. 

There were prevalent rumors linking Kick-Ass and Kraven the Hunter star Aaron Taylor Johnson to the role of James Bond, and he even spoke to the press to address the alleged news. It seems like his name, as well as that of Bridgerton standout Rege-Jean Page, are frequently connected to 007 casting. Perhaps Barbara Broccoli’s latest statement from the BAFTAs will cool these buzzings, for the time being. 

Replacing Daniel Craig is exceptionally difficult this time around because No Time To Die killed off James Bond. In previous movies, another actor could easily step into the role of the super spy because he’d basically left off from an earlier adventure, usually having vanquished a villain and romanced a leading lady. But the death of a 007 agent means that the series has a freedom it never had to consider before. Yes, Casino Royale essentially gave Craig’s Bond a fresh start. But this is a different obstacle, and we are very excited to see where the series goes from here. 

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