Aaron Taylor-Johnson's The Latest Rumored James Bond, 6 Reasons Why The Bullet Train Star Would Be A Good Fit For The Role

Aaron Taylor Johnson sitting in his seat, dressed sharply in Bullet Train.
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Rumors can get pretty wild when it comes to massive franchises, and the James Bond movies have historically been proven to be one of the bigget playgrounds for such a concept. No point in the 007 lifecycle is that point more appropriate than whenever it’s time to select a new actor to take over the iconic role. 

That’s where we’re at right now, as Daniel Craig has wrapped his time in the tuxedo, and Bullet Train star Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been the subject of chatter over being next Commander Bond. It’s gotten to the point where Johnson’s rumored to have already been cast as James Bond, which honestly feels like it’s a bit too early to even feel valid. 

Still, the Kick Ass veteran does seem like a pretty good potential fit for the role, proving himself over time as a versatile talent. With that in mind, let’s buy into the rumor mill a little bit, and talk about why Aaron Taylor-Johnson would be a good fit as the next 007.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Bullet Train

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Aaron Taylor-Johnson Is Young Enough To Pull A 007 Long Haul

Recent discussions about the next James Bond have seen an importance put on landing an actor that can snag the role for the long haul. An actor in their 30s seems to be the desired age range, if reports of producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson’s specifications are indeed true. At 32 years old, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is potentially at the right age for Bond, as if Bond 26 starts filming in 2024 as intended, he’ll be 34 when potentially taking the role.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry in Bullet Train

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A New Generation Of James Bond Fans Could Be Drawn Into The Franchise

James Bond is a series that’s stayed relevant at the movies by continuing to be a saga that aligns with modern times. Casting actors that are unknown enough to be surprises, but contemporary enough to hit with current audiences is a sweet spot that almost always plays into the equation. Through Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s career roles, he’s kept himself in the public eye throughout a decade of memorable films that could draw a wide range of new fans into the Bond fandom.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Kick-Ass

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Johnson Has Already Proven Himself As An Action Lead

In the decade of memorable roles that Aaron Taylor-Johnson has landed, he’s more than proven himself able to handle the demands of an action movie lead. From his blockbuster breakout role in Kick-Ass, through major leads in Godzilla and Avengers: Age of Ultron, and even more recently in the Sony action-comedy Bullet Train, Johnson continues to be in literal fighting form. Those who are asking the important question of whether or not he can handle the stunt work on a James Bond movie don't need to pose it, as the answer is an obvious yes.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Avengers: Age of Ultron promo

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Major Franchise Experiences Make Johnson Ready For A Potential 007 Lead

Dealing with the mantle of a series like the 007 saga can be a very pressure filled experience. When Daniel Craig was cast for Casino Royale, it took a while for him to adjust to the intense demands of the Bond lifestyle. Not to mention, throughout his run it felt like the man continued to feel a bit limited by the constraints of the gig.

Were Aaron Taylor-Johnson cast, he’s already experienced all of the feedback and secrecy a major franchise like the MCU entails. All becoming James Bond would do is merely call for Johnson to adapt to a legacy involving different types of secrecy. Not to mention, a whole different level of tailoring.

Brad Pitt and Aaron Taylor-Johnson flanked by henchmen at a train station in Bullet Train.

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An Aaron Taylor-Johnson Bond Could Go Heavier On The Humor

A significant complaint has cropped up among pockets of the 007 fandom, and it’s all down to one of the Daniel Craig era’s hallmarks: the deadly serious tone. Some feel that, going forward, the James Bond films should regain a bit of the lighter tone that Roger Moore’s James Bond films made popular throughout his reign. 

Aaron Taylor-Johnson could very much embody that sort of Bond, as his snark laden role in Bullet Train isn’t too far off from what a funnier modern 007 could feel like. Though for what it’s worth, the actor could also play it straight when the moment calls for it, as even Sir Roger had his own deadly serious hour in For Your Eyes Only.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson standing somberly, in a World War I uniform, in The King's Man.

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Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Recent Filmography Is Practically A Bond Audition

Perhaps the most impressive credit to Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s James Bond potential is the fact that if you look at his resume, it feels like he’s already auditioned for the role. The past two years have seen Johnson playing crucial roles in movies like Tenet and Bullet Train, both of which have given him plenty of opportunity to engage in large scale action and witty dialogue.

However, the one role that feels like the true cherry on top of this alleged casting is that of Archie Reid in Matthew Vaughn’s The King’s Man. In a series that tips all of its hats to the 007 legacy, directed by a man who loves to find and cast James Bond candidates before the series snags them, Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s spot in this movie hammers home how much of his recent output has seemed to prepare the world for him to play Commander Bond.

With the whispers that inspired this entire rundown showing no signs of slowing, it makes sense to evaluate this potential casting - whether it’s bogus or not. Should Aaron Taylor-Johnson happen to land the role of James Bond in the long run, the eventual discussion over whether he’s fit or not can now evolve to a higher level of examination. However, it could be some time before any sort of confirmation or denial will arrive on an official front.

Time on our hands is a good thing, as revisiting the best Aaron Taylor Johnson movies can help push this whole conversation along even further. And if you happened to miss Bullet Train in theaters, those of you with a Netflix subscription can now stream that film in the comfort of your own home. 

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