Jamie Lee Curtis’ Perceived Dig At Glee’s Lea Michele Is Totally Being Taken Out Of Context

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Actress Jamie Lee Curtis has been in the public eye for decades, and she’s currently on a roll with a mixture of film projects, TV appearances, and charity work. The Halloween icon recently went viral on social media for a clip from her podcast Good Friend with Jamie Lee Curtis. And Curtis’ perceived dig at Glee’s Lea Michele from that clip is totally being taken out of context.

Back in October of 2021, Jamie Lee Curtis’ podcast Good Friend released an episode featuring actors Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff. The episode was about the unique bond they formed while originating roles in the Broadway musical Spring Awakening, and how that friendship continued in their work on Glee up until this day. The clip that’s been going around Twitter can be seen below, where Curtis makes a friendly joke about Michele not getting a Tony nomination for her work. Check it out,

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This clip quickly went viral, with plenty of Twitter users responding with memes about how “savage” Jamie Lee Curtis was in that moment. This comes shortly after the actress’ appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills similarly broke the internet. But while folks on social media are giving JLC props for throwing shade, it’s far from malicious if you actually listen to the episode of Good Friend with Jamie Lee Curtis

Prior to this viral exchange between the three actors, Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff were telling Jamie Lee Curtis the story about one of the biggest fights of their long friendship. It was all related to the 2007 Tony Awards, where Spring Awakening and Groff were given nominations but Michele was noticeably snubbed. Michele told the story while laughing about it, saying:

We had an argument because Jonathan was nominated for a Tony Award and I did not get a Tony Award nomination. And I was very upset, and it’s the eternal debate amongst the two of us that he didn’t call me that morning. And he said he did call me. And I was very upset because I just thought I would hear from him when I didn’t get the nomination. Even though it was a huge incredible moment and morning for him being nominated for his first Tony Award. I was very upset that he didn’t call me, although he says that he did call me.

Jonathan Groff confirmed this anecdote, joking the debate starts up once or twice a year between the pair. Jamie Lee Curtis and Lea Michele have a previous relationship working together on Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens, and the Knives Out actress pokes fun at her co-star plenty of times throughout the podcast episode. Michele got in on the fun by offering more details about how silly their quarrel was, saying:

We make love in the show together multiple times. There he is kissing me and I’m not looking at him. Having a fight but still making love. It was a very short-lived argument but I stand by the fact that as an iconic theater couple of performers this is the most beautiful fight to ever have based on Tony nomination.

This segment of the podcast comes to a close with the exchange that’s gone viral on Twitter. But it’s clear that Jamie Lee Curtis wasn’t trying to make Lea Michele feel bad about her Tony snub. Instead, it was just another riff the trio made about how silly the feud with Jonathan Groff was. 

As previously mentioned, Jamie Lee Curtis recently went viral for her appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alongside Halloween co-star Kyle Richards. While raising money for her charity My Hand In Yours, a clip of cast member Dorit Kemsley freaking over official merchandise has been made into countless memes. This probably contributed to this old clip from Good Friend suddenly making the rounds online.

Up next Jamie Lee Curtis will star in Halloween Ends, hitting theaters on October 14th. Meanwhile, Lea Michele is rehearsing for her return to Broadway in Funny Girl. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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