Halloween Kills’ Jamie Lee Curtis Praises Kyle Richards’ Performance With Sweet Tribute

Kyle Richards in Halloween Kills

With the fall season upon us, the time has come for scary movies ahead of the celebration of Halloween. Horror fans will be treated to the long-awaited release of David Gordon Green’s Halloween Kills this October, after it was delayed a full year. Jamie Lee Curtis has been hyping up the movie’s release, and recently praised Kyle Richards’ performance with a sweet tribute.

Long before she became an OG on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards was a child actress who appeared in John Carpenter’s original Halloween movie as Lindsey Wallace. She reprises her role decades later in Halloween Kills, reuniting with Jamie Lee Curtis in the process. Both actresses seem thrilled, and Curtis shared a still of Richards in the movie along with a sweet caption. Check it out below.

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Lindsey Wallace is back, and she’s coming face to face with Michael Myers 40 years later in Halloween Kills. And if Jamie Lee Curtis is to be believed, Kyle Richards is bringing a great performance in her return to the slasher property. One can only imagine how surreal it was to film as an adult.

The above photo comes to us from Jamie Lee Curtis’ personal Instagram account. In it we see a still of Kyle Richards in Halloween Kills, in a sequence that’s been briefly featured during the movie’s trailers. Lindsey is shown trying to get some of Haddonfield’s kids into safety, when Michael Myers suddenly appears. Fans can’t wait to see this bloody reunion, especially those who know her from The Real Housewives. Curtis’ caption praises her performance in the delayed slasher, which reads:

Watching Kyle Richards show her humor, strength and GREAT vulnerability was one of the many sweet treats of Halloween Kills. I carried her in the 1978 Halloween and now she is caring for these (shithead) kids in the new film. STRONG. SASSY. DROP DEAD (pun intended) GORGEOUS even when covered in mud and blood! Brava Bella!

Suddenly the last few weeks of waiting for Halloween Kills feel much longer. Kyle Richards is one of a number of actors from the 1978 Halloween that are reprising their roles for the new sequel, and it’s clear that there’s a ton of love shared with Jamie Lee Curtis. They had a unique experience filming all those years ago, and have managed to stay in touch throughout their respective careers.

After the year-long delay of Halloween Kills, fans are eager to finally see David Gordon Green and Danny McBride’s highly anticipated sequel. It was recently announced that the project will also be available to stream on Peacock, to the surprise of moviegoers. But that hasn’t stopped Jamie Lee Curtis and company from promoting its release, including the release of one final trailer.

It certainly doesn’t look great for Kyle Richards’ Lindsey Wallace in Halloween Kills’ trailer, but perhaps we’re being led astray by the filmmakers. But what is clear is that the new sequel will zoom out from the Strode Family and will make the town of Haddonfield a character. The survivors from Michaels’ original massacre are arming up to take on the killer themselves, and it looks like a blood bath.

Halloween Kills will hit theaters on October 15th to answer all of our questions. In the meantime, check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

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