Jamie Lee Curtis’ Response To Netflix’s Knives Out Sequels Is A+

The cast of Knives Out

Jamie Lee Curtis’ performance in the hit murder-mystery Knives Out was one of the reasons for its success. The legendary actress played stoic and confrontational Linda Drysdale to a tee. Unfortunately, Linda and the Thrombey clan won’t be returning to the Knives Out sequel. But that didn't stop Curtis from responding to the news of Netflix’s Knives Out sequels on social media.

While fans of Knives Out might be sad about the Thrombeys not returning for the sequel, Jamie Lee Curtis took the news in stride. Being the class act she is, Curtis went on her Instagram to congratulate everyone involved while giving fans an update on the Thrombeys. Check out Curtis’ eloquent Thrombey family statement below:

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As evident by her Instagram post, Jamie Lee Curtis channeled Linda Drysdale with her words and tone. While it came off just as stoic and headstrong as Linda, Curtis was more gracious and biting as she took a dig at Don Johnson’s character while congratulating the filmmakers on the huge deal. Giving an update on everyone’s whereabouts after the film was a nice touch. I mean if they ever bring the Thrombeys back I think Curtis would be perfect to help craft the screenplay.

Jamie Lee Curtis’ Instagram post comes on the heels of some amazing news for fans of the murder mystery. It was recently announced that director and writer Rian Johnson inked a $450 million deal with Netflix for two Knives Out sequels. As Curtis pointed out, the Thrombeys will not be involved in the sequels. But that news shouldn’t be a surprise as Johnson had previously mentioned treating future Knives Out films as standalone films with different scenarios and characters. Unfortunately, not everyone was happy as the film’s Twitter account was left in the dark about the news. But that just falls in line with the twisty whodunit nature of the original film.

Even if the Thrombeys aren’t returning to the upcoming sequels, the movie family remains connected in numerous ways. Jamie Lee Curtis and Ana de Armas recently had a lovefest as the former paid tribute to the latter. But the connection goes even farther as Armas has teamed up with co-star Chris Evans for the Netflix action film The Gray Man. Like the MCU family, it seems the relationships formed on the hit murder mystery have extended beyond the big screen.

Given the success of Knives Out, it wouldn’t have been unreasonable for Rian Johnson to bring back Jamie Lee Curtis and the cast for another round. But in keeping with traditional murder mysteries, he decided to keep Daniel Craig while creating new characters and scenarios. Maybe someday Jamie Lee Curtis will come back, but the franchise is setting a new standard in the age of sequels and remakes.

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