John Krasinski Has Begun Filming A Quiet Place: Day One, See How He Celebrated

John Krasinski in A Quiet Place.
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John Krasinski struck gold with the original A Quiet Place back in 2018. The movie wasn't based on an existing franchise, but after becoming a solid hit it quickly became one. It spawned a sequel and now the third move in the new series is underway. The prequel/spinoff A Quiet Place: Day One recently began filming and John Krasinski was on hand to celebrate with some behind-the-scenes shots. 

John Krasinski was on set for the beginning of production, which is potentially interesting because as far as we know, he’s not directly involved in the filming of the new movie. After directing the first two installments of the series, Day One is being helmed by Michael Sarnoski, director of Nicolas Cage’s well-regarded Pig. And while Krasinski wrote or co-wrote the screenplay for both previous films, he’s only credited with the original story idea for this one. But he was on hand to watch the new film get started. 

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A Quiet Place: Day One is being called both a prequel and a spinoff. Based on the name alone we can see the elements of the prequel. While no specific plot for the new movie has been revealed, we can pretty easily guess that the movie will deal with the initial alien invasion that brings the vicious creatures attracted by sound to earth. We got a short flashback scene of this in A Quiet Place: Part 2, but the new movie will seemingly deal entirely with the event.

However, it will see the event through the eyes of entirely new characters. A Quiet Place: Day One will star Lupita Nyong’o alongside Joseph Quin and Alex Wolff. No other cast has been announced thus far, and we have no information on what characters these three will be playing. 

While the first two films have taken fans through a story about discovering and attempting to spread information about a way to fight back against the monstrous aliens, the new movie will start over at the beginning, with humanity only just discovering what these creatures are and how they work. And since we’re dealing with new characters, and humanity is very fragmented following the invasion, we could learn a great deal more about the creatures. One assumes the heroes of this film will find some way to fight them, or at the very least successfully avoid them.

And the events of this film could lead to the next one. A Quiet Place: Part 3 is already planned for a 2025 release, so the prequel/spinoff may provide details that prove important leading into the next film, and assuming the characters of the prequel survive, they could cross paths with Emily Blunt, making the next film required viewing for fans of the main series. 

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