Johnny Depp's Lawyer Camille Vasquez Gets Real About Getting Famous During The Amber Heard Trial

Screenshot of Johnny Depp's lawyer getting interviewed by Savannah Guthrie.
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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s highly publicized defamation trial ended a few months ago, and the aftermath has been interesting. The verdict awarded Depp with millions of dollars in compensation and punitive damages, and Heard has since opted to appeal. Life has definitely changed for the two stars since the case ended, and the same can be said for Depp’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez. Her defense of Depp garnered her major attention during the legal proceedings, and that notoriety has stuck with her. With that, Vasquez recently got real about finding fame during the trial. 

Fame can be a tricky thing to handle, especially when it’s thrust upon you so quickly. Thanks to the defamation case, Camille Vasquez pretty much became an overnight celebrity and has said that social media played a role in her rising fame. Vasquez recently opened up about her new status while speaking with the Beverly Hills Bar Association and admitted that she does indeed now lack a level of privacy. However, she also seems to have embraced a certain “responsibility” that comes with it: 

But life has become a little less private. A bit more, you know, I feel like there’s parts of my life now I have a responsibility to share with fans or people, especially young women that have come forward and said, ‘Thanks for being an inspiration. For getting me through a hard time. Or pushing me to go back to school.’ I feel a huge responsibility to them to continue doing good work and be a source of inspiration for them.

Based on her comments here, it seems as though the attorney isn’t really focused on being a celebrity but is more concerned with being a positive role model. That’s honestly a good way to look at this kind of situation. During the same interview, the lawyer went on to say that despite the number of changes she’s experiencing in her day-to-day life, there are a number of things that haven’t changed:

I mean I’m obviously very close to my family. I enjoy doing legal work, good legal work. I enjoy working with my colleagues, especially Ben [Chew], obviously.

Amid the trial, Camille Vasquez was at the center of a number of rumors, with the most persistent being that she and Depp were dating. Vasquez responded to the rumors of a romance between her and her client, calling them both “sexist” and “disappointing.” One of Depp’s friends also spoke out on the relationship rumors and effectively shut them down. Nevertheless, the two do seem to have forged a somewhat friendly relationship, as Vasquez did hang out with Depp at a rock show in Prague last month.

While Johnny Depp won the case, one could make the argument that his lawyer was the biggest winner. After the trial ended, reports suggested that the attorney was being watched by talent agents and that she had a ton of career options. Whether or not she takes any of those alleged opportunities remains to be seen, but it definitely sounds like the world is her oyster at this point.

Camille Vasquez recently weighed in on Amber Heard’s appeal, and one would assume that the now-famous lawyer will remain in the spotlight at least until a resolution is found on that point. It’ll definitely be interesting to see what her next steps are (and whether someone actually ends up playing Vasquez on screen one day.)

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