Kaitlyn Dever And Billie Lourd Are BFFs In Real Life, And That’s Clear In This Behind The Scenes Clip From Ticket To Paradise

Kaitlyn Dever in Booksmart
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Have you seen Ticket To Paradise yet? Well, if you have, you know it’s a lot of fun, and part of the reason why it’s so much fun is because the chemistry is great between everyone involved. Julia Roberts and George Clooney are quite obviously having the best time together, but that natural affinity also extends to the rest of the cast. It’s particularly clear when Kaitlyn Dever and Billie Lourd bounce off one. There’s an obvious spark, which makes sense given they’re really close in real life.

It turns out when Kaitlyn Dever agreed to play Lily, the daughter of Roberts and Clooney’s feuding exs, she was asked by the director who she’d like to play her best friend in the movie. She picked Billie Lourd, and the two had the best time hanging out while shooting the movie in paradise. Luckily for fans, they also kept a video diary on set, which was turned into a featurette called Keep A Straight Face for the upcoming home entertainment release (digital on 12/9 and Blu-ray on 12/13). You can check out an exclusive clip from that featurette below…

The great thing about shooting a movie with your friend is that you always have a friend. Kaitlyn Dever says that during the featurette and it’s such a simple yet obvious truth. It’s clear the two had an absolute blast both while they were on set and during their downtime, of which there is a lot on movie sets. Fortunately, that time passes a lot more quickly when you have a buddy who wants to do things like record Fleetwood Mac covers and go swimming.

Now, just because everyone likes each other doesn’t inherently mean the end product is going to work. Fortunately for Dever, Lourd, Clooney, Roberts and everyone else involved with the infectious chemistry, the end result here is a good time. It might not be Pretty Woman, but it’s a fun spin on a romantic comedy with several exciting B-plots that work in really strong acting all around. If you like the genre, you’ll like this for sure, which is why it’s running at an 87% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Thankfully, if are you down, you don’t have to wait long to pick up a home entertainment copy. The digital release is out today, and you’ll be able to pick up the physical copy on Tuesday. You can do that and in the spirit of this featurette, perhaps go watch it with your own best friend. 

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