Lady Gaga Has Seen The House Of Gucci, See Her Reaction

You would think that a star like Lady Gaga would be drop-dead honest if she didn’t like a movie like House of Gucci. It doesn’t matter that she stars in the Ridley Scott drama about the Gucci family brand, because if the edit of her performance as Patrizia Reggiani didn’t suit her tastes, it would be assumed someone would have heard about it by now. Well, Lady Gaga has not only seen the movie’s final cut, but she’s also provided a rather beautiful reaction as her seal of approval.

During one of her recent jazz & piano shows at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Gaga took a moment to tell her captive audience that she’s seen House of Gucci. As she walked down a staircase on the stage, dressed to the nines and ready to keep the party going, Lady Gaga praised the film as only she could. Thanks to a fan posting footage of this moment on Twitter, you can take a look at her short and sweet review, f-bomb and all:

If the trailers for House of Gucci weren’t enough of a sign that Lady Gaga clearly had a good time making this film, that beautiful reaction to the finished product says it all. As the film is starting to move ever closer to its Thanksgiving release date, Gaga’s fans are obviously going to be looking for advanced buzz. Though considering the film’s all-star cast includes Adam Driver, Jared Leto, and Salma Hayek, among others, there’s plenty of reasons to keep an eye out for advanced word.

All eyes will be on Lady Gaga, without question, as her House of Gucci gig has attracted detractors and supporters alike. On the more positive side of things, Salma Hayek couldn’t help but gush about Gaga’s Patrizia Reggiani, and the work ethic she used to bring her to life. However, Reggiani herself, as well as several members of the Gucci family, aren’t so happy with the fact that Ms. Gaga seems to have failed to consult them for her portrayal. 

General reactions to House of Gucci seem to be coming any day now, but if you were to solely go by Lady Gaga’s take on the film, you’d think it was a sure fire hit. However, that prospect is a bit more uncertain in the wake of Ridley Scott’s previous historical epic, The Last Duel, taking a medieval bath at the box office. Still, with Gaga’s dedication to the role, and her massive fanbase potentially getting behind the film in general release, House of Gucci could see itself walking down the runway and straight to the bank.

House of Gucci aims to engage in unconventional punishment, when it hits theaters on this Thanksgiving. But, you know, Adam Driver is also in that movie too, right? In fact, you can see the future films on Mr. Driver’s schedule, if you know the right place to look. Also, don’t forget that 2021’s release schedule still has plenty of movies waiting to be discovered on your next trip to the movies.  

Mike Reyes
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