M. Night Shyamalan Is Doing Something Wild With His Next Movie

Gael García Bernal as Guy Cappa, Vicky Krieps as Prisca Cappa, Thomasin McKenzie as Maddox Cappa, and Emun Elliott as Trent Cappa in Old
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While fans and critics have shared a wide variety of opinions about the work of M. Night Shyamalan over the course of his career, one aspect of his filmography that can't be denied is that he doesn't make "simple" movies. Going back to his breakout twist-filled hit The Sixth Sense in 1999, all of the writer/director's movies have featured elements that are daring and/or experimental – either in their storytelling or their style. It's for this reason that it is perpetually intriguing to learn about what he is cooking up next, and that's certainly holding true for the project that he is currently developing, as he is preparing to undertake one of the most challenging endeavors possible in the medium: he is working on a one-shot film.

The idea of capturing an entire 90-120 minute movie without any cuts is an extreme idea, but M. Night Shyamalan is evidently ready to take on the challenge. Recently speaking with JoBlo in promotion of his AppleTV+ series Servant, which is preparing to launch its third season, the filmmaker revealed that his next movie will be made as "one continuous take"

In the interview, M. Night Shyamalan apparently didn't specifically name the project that he is developing in this special style – but recent reports would suggest that it is his upcoming mystery project Knock On The Cabin. It was revealed back in October that the filmmaker was making the movie as his follow-up to Old, which hit theaters this past summer, and earlier this month it was announced that Dune/Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista has signed on to play a principal role.

What isn't totally clear at this stage is whether or not M. Night Shyamalan's attempt at a one-shot film will be natural or simulated. The most famous example of the latter is Alfred Hitchcock's Rope, which was filmed and edited to appear as a single continuous take, but actually does feature a small number of hidden cuts. Shyamalan may not have to go that route, however, specifically because we're now living in the digital age, and cameras can run for hours and hours without needing to be reloaded with film. Of course, actually pulling it off is a staggering effort and a logistical nightmare, so if he is able to do it successfully, it will automatically be deemed impressive (and should result in audiences taking very few bathroom breaks).

Knock On The Cabin is still in pre-production, but filming is expected to start very soon – especially because the feature already has a set release date. The movie will be the latest collaboration between M. Night Shyamalan and Universal Pictures, and the studio has already dated the new feature for February 3, 2023. Be on the lookout for more updates about the project in the coming weeks here on CinemaBlend, and check out our Shyamalan streaming guide to discover how to watch all of the filmmaker's past work. Head over to our 2022 Movie Calendar to learn about all of the films that are set to be released in the coming year.

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