Michael B. Jordan Flew Solo At The Nope Premiere After Recent Break-Up, But Shared Sweet Moments With Daniel Kaluuya And Jordan Peele

Michael B. Jordan in Black Panther
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Michael B. Jordan has already had a long career in TV and film, although his star power has elevated him to A-lister status in the last few years. But that level of fame also comes with its downsides, like how the public was keenly aware of his relationship and subsequent split with Lori Harvey. Michael B. Jordan recently flew solo at the Nope premiere, but shared sweet moments with Daniel Kaluuya and Jordan Peele. 

Jordan Peele is releasing his third movie Nope shortly, with the Oscar-winning filmmaker recently celebrating the horror flick's premiere. Michael B. Jordan was in attendance, in one of his first major appearances since the break-up with Lori Harvey. There he reunited with Black Panther co-star Daniel Kaluuya, who is starring in Nope. Check out the moment for yourself below,

Michael B. Jordan hugging Daniel Kaluuya at the Nope premiere.

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Wakanda forever, indeed. The cast and crew of Black Panther developed a strong bond while working on Ryan Coogler's original movie, and this image definitely highlights that. Michael B. Jordan and Daniel Kaluuya shared a number of scenes together as Killmonger and W'Kabi, so it's great seeing them reuniting and sharing this sweet moment of love. This is especially true since Black Panther 2 is the next Marvel movie hitting theaters.

While Michael B. Jordan might be feeling the normal emotions that come with Lori Harvey, he certainly wasn't showing it while attending Nope's star-studded premiere event. Another shot of him on the red carpet shows the actor/ director all smiles, and looking great.

Michael B. Jordan smiling at the Nope premiere

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Of course, the man of the night at Nope's premiere was filmmaker Jordan Peele. The comedian turned filmmaker has gained quite the reputation thanks to his acclaimed work on modern horror classics Get Out and Us. The reviews for his third project have similarly praised Peele's vision and talents as a filmmaker, so fans can't wait to judge for themselves.

While Michael B. Jordan hasn't had the chance to work on one of Jordan Peele's projects just yet, the two did share a sweet moment on the carpet for Nope. Check it out for yourself below, and try not to imagine a collaboration for these two talented artists:

Jordan Peele and Michael B. Jordan shaking hands at the premiere of Nope.

(Image credit: Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic)

Talk about a meeting of the minds. With Michael B. Jordan making his directorial debut in Creed III (which he's also starring in), I have to wonder if he and Jordan Peele got to talk much shop. I'd love to be a fly on the wall during their conversations, especially if they get into the nitty gritty of filmmaking. 

The reviews for Nope have been positive, and it should be interesting to see what audiences feel about the sci-fi horror project. As for Michael B. Jordan, he's currently hard at work on Creed III alongside Tessa Thompson. Nope hits theaters on July 22nd, while Creed III will follow suit on November 23rd. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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