After Nope, Could Jordan Peele Do A Get Out Sequel? Here’s What The Oscar Winner Says

Daniel Kaluuya in Get Out
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When Nope hits theaters this weekend it will be the third feature film directed by Jordan Peele. While all three movies are classified as horror, and deal with broad societal themes, nothing else connects the plots of the three movies together as each is an original concept from Peele dealing with very different characters, in very different places, and very different types of horror. The movies are all so original that the idea of seeing Jordan Peele make a sequel seems antithetical to his style, but the director isn’t writing off the possibility of making a follow-up to his first feature, Get Out.

Get Out was Jordan Peele’s directorial debut and it took audiences and critics by storm, eventually earning Peele an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. While the sort of success that Peele saw here often has studios thinking sequel immediately, the director went on to make the bone-chilling doppelganger movie Us, and then he got to work on Nope, a movie which implies an alien invasion, but as this is a Jordan Peele movie, we can’t take that a face value.

There’s been little indication that Jordan Peele has been considering a sequel to any of his movies, but in a recent interview with the Associated Press, Peele does say that he gets asked about a potential sequel to Get Out often, and he does think there is potential for such a movie in that world, so while he doesn’t say he plans to make a follow up, he’s not counting one out entirely. According to Peele… 

I do get asked that a lot. Never say never. There's certainly a lot to talk about left. We'll see.

It certainly doesn’t sound like Jordan Peele is actively working on a Get Out sequel, but if he believes there is a lot left to talk about with the premise, then one can assume he at least has some ideas about where a sequel might go, even if he’s never put those ideas down on paper. This isn’t the first time Peele has said he’s willing to make a Get Out sequel, and clearly his feelings have not changed.

Jordan Peele says later in the interview that he’s having trouble seeing what sort of work he would be doing if he wasn’t making movies like those he has made, which certainly indicates that his trend of socially aware horror films won’t end with Nope. The only questions are going to be where he wants to go next, and whether Daniel Kaluuya will be involved. He may have another new idea he wants to tackle, but if not, perhaps he will consider making a sequel.

From a plot perspective there is certainly the possibility for more from the story of Get Out. The fate of Allison Williams’ Rose is left unknown so there may be at least one member of the Armitage family out there. But beyond that, the family that captures Danial Kaluuya’s Chris certainly isn’t the only threat, as they’ve been doing their work for a very long time. There are more people out there that have been victims. 

In fact, both Get Out and Us end with very interesting questions about just what happens next. There’s a good chance we’ll see something similar from Nope, and perhaps after audiences see the new film, that will be the movie that fans will be asking about when it comes to potential sequels. 

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