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Michael B. Jordan Gave Denzel Washington A Nickname He Hilariously Didn't Get

Michael B. Jordan in A Journal for Jordan and Denzel Washington in The Equalizer II, pictured side by side.
(Image credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment)

Being a film directed by two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Michael B. Jordan. Of course, he got the chance to realize that dream as Washington directed him in the love story A Journal for Jordan. Shooting the drama became an opportunity for Washington and Jordan to turn their mentor-mentee relationship into a true friendship. Being directed by Washington led to the Without Remorse star giving him a nickname. While the nickname was an endearing sentiment, The Tragedy of Macbeth star revealed why he initially didn’t get it.

Of course, Denzel Washington has acted as a mentor to Michael B. Jordan since the Black Panther star began his ascent to Hollywood’s A-list. So, working on the romantic drama was a chance for them to grow closer. After spending so much time on set together, the Alisters learned quite a bit from each other. The director and his leading man were asked by IMDb what qualities they admired in each other:

"Denzel Washington: His heart. He’s a good man. And he’s smart.
Michael B Jordan:
His wisdom, experience."

But the fun didn't stop there, as the two actors appeared to enjoy their time together on the set of A Journal for Jordan. While things were heartfelt for a minute, the conversation took a hilarious turn as Washington called out Jordan for a new term bestowed upon him. 

" DW: I still have to get used to you calling me 'OG.' You kept saying 'OG' and I’m like 'who?!'
Original gangster!!  
It was out of respect."

Thankfully, there were no hard feelings as the director and the Creed II star chuckled a bit. For MBJ, calling the two-time Oscar winner an OG was a sign of endearment. Jordan has professed his adoration for the Equalizer star multiple times. Jordan recalled jumping at a chance to work with Washington on the film after opening up about the Roman J. Israel star’s influence on his career. He’s already trying to recruit Washington into the MCU. Michael B. Jordan had nothing but respect for Denzel Washington.

The title does fit a star of Washington’s caliber. His box office cache has made him one of Hollywood’s go-to stars. Denzel Washington’s acting pedigree and star power became the blueprint for many rising black leading men, including Michael B. Jordan. The standard he set can be seen in the careers of Jordan, Anthony Mackie, John David Washington, and many more. 

While the collaboration was rewarding for both stars, Washington ended up competing with himself at the box office as A Journal for Jordan and The Tragedy of Macbeth dropped on Christmas Day. Hopefully, Michael Jordan’s Marvel campaign for Denzel Washington will allow them to share the screen someday before Washington calls it a day

A Journal for Jordan and The Tragedy of Macbeth are currently in theaters. 

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