Is Denzel Washington Close To Retiring From Acting? The A Journal For Jordan Director Shares Thoughts On His Career

Denzel Washington in American Gangster
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It seems like more big names in Hollywood are putting their acting career on the backburner for other endeavors, both in the film industry and outside of it. Denzel Washington’s latest, A Journal for Jordan, sees him sitting in the director’s chair instead of acting in front of the camera. But could he he totally be done with acting soon? Well, the 66-year-old star recently opened up about what his plans are moving forward, now that he is in the “yellow leaf” of his career.

The Training Day alum seems to have pretty much done it all this point in his life. So when it comes to his acting career, he told ET that he's "looking to do other things." Here it is in his own words:

I'm about the challenges. At this point, like the character, I'm in the yellow leaf of my career. To be quite honest, looking to do other things. So as far as acting, it's gonna have to be an extreme challenge for me to be interested. I've been talking to one or two of the top directors in the business, and we're talking about maybe doing something. There's not that much left for me to do as an actor. Maybe Lear.

Denzel Washington has long been a jewel in the Hollywood crown of actors, but he's also helmed other movies besides A Journal for Jordan. He's stepped into the role of director a number of times in his career, most notably with Fences in which he also acted alongside Viola Davis. He puts a lot of thought into the work he chooses, and that's not surprising. In the entertainment sphere, Washington has definitely become a face and name that fans can expect greatness from, and he really cares about the work he puts out.

As much as fans love seeing him in front of the camera (he certainly has a stage presence to rival anyone in the business), it makes sense that the star would be looking for other outlets at this time. The man has won two Oscars for acting and has played a number of iconic roles, having portrayed just about everything from from major historical figures to cops who toe the line of the law.

While the Malcolm X icon is far from a type-cast actor, it sounds like he’s down to only pursuing roles that present a big challenge to him. He may say that there isn’t much left that he hasn’t done as an actor, but writers are coming up with new ideas all the time. (Well, maybe not as much since Hollywood is in its remake phase.) All in all, I'd bet that there's something out there to refresh him as an actor and get him in front of the camera. 

Denzel Washington's A Journal for Jordan is steadily approaching. and should be worth a viewing. Instead of featuring Washington’s toned acting chops, the film centers on Michael B. Jordan as its star. You can catch the movie in theaters on Christmas day, and it promises to make for a pretty emotional watch this holiday season.

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