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Denzel Washington And Michael B. Jordan Have Fun Back And Forth About The Veteran Actor Joining The MCU

Throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s history, some seriously major players have found roles within its movies and TV shows, including Oscar winning talents. The lineup includes Anthony Hopkins as Thor’s father Odin, Benicio Del Toro as The Collector, Michael Douglas as Hank Pym, Robert Redford as Alexander Pierce, etc. There’s no sign of the MCU slowing down anytime soon, so what about two-time Oscar winner and Hollywood icon Denzel Washington joining the superhero franchise? 

The beloved actor recently worked with Black Panther’s Michael B. Jordan for his latest directorial project, A Journal For Jordan. While answering fan questions together for IMDB, Jordan was asked if he’d like to see Denzel Washington join the superhero big leagues. It led to the following exchange: 

Michael B. Jordan: YES! No hesitation. I actually got some things in mind…. But yeah! 
Denzel Washington: You better hurry!! 
MBJ: I know!! But I got you. I got some ideas for that! 
DW: Hey! Concentrate on one thing.  I sound like dad! 
MBJ: After I finish Creed III - you know what I’m saying? Once I finish that project my mind can wander on other creative things."

Michael B. Jordan was positively over the moon about Denzel Washington finding a role within the Marvel Cinematic Universe; so much so that it sounds like he’s thought up some characters he wants him to play and wants to work on the project with him. Washington joked that he “better hurry.” In the cute exchange, Washington warned Jordan of taking on too much, laughing and saying he sounded like the dad (that he most certainly is to John David Washington and his three other children). 

Michael B. Jordan is currently getting ready to direct his first movie, Creed III, which will see the actor once again starring as Adonis Creed in the Rocky spinoff. Ahead of prepping the movie, Jordan had the chance to watch another actor-turned-director work in Denzel Washington for A Journal For Jordan. While speaking with CinemaBlend, Jordan shared his unique experience with Washington as a director: 

Actors we have our club, and directors have their own and we need each other. When you have somebody who does both, it’s an understanding of both languages fluently. So [Denzel Washington] can jump into my inner psyche easily and what I’m thinking. Things I would need to feel comfortable or would like to have to bring the best out of myself, he already knows. So, it’s just a nice shorthand that I have with him that’s special and different than I’ve had with any other director I’ve worked with.

A Journal For Jordan had Michael B. Jordan portraying a real soldier’s story through the eyes of Dana Canedy’s memoir of the same name, but back to Denzel in the MCU. Years ago, the actor revealed that he had not been approached by Marvel to play a role, but would “never say never” to the potential. There’s certainly a myriad of roles he could take on, especially as the universe expands through pockets like the Eternals and the upcoming X-Men reboot. 

We’ll keep you posted on MCU casting here on CinemaBlend. Until then, check out the upcoming Marvel movies headed to theaters following Spider-Man: No Way Home.  

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