Mike Myers Opens Up About Working On Wayne’s World With Dana Carvey, And The Role His Co-Star Indirectly Played In Austin Powers

Wayne’s World is a rewatchable comedy classic across multiple generations. Of course, much of that rewatch value is owed to the chemistry of Saturday Night Live cohorts Mike Myers and Dana Carvey as Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar. The film is still relevant enough for the onscreen duo to reunite for a Super Bowl commercial. But working with Carvey was more than just turning a popular sketch into a comedy classic. Myers opened up about how working on the cult classic with his fellow SNL alum indirectly affected Austin Powers.

Much like Wayne’s World, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery is regarded as a classic on Myers’ lengthy acting resume. The SNL alum mentioned Carvey’s influence while being interviewed by GQ. He revealed Wayne was just in his “trunk of characters” after previously debuting the character on Canadian television. After making a splash on the late-night sketch show, producer Lorne Michaels pitched Myers one movie idea. But the actor resisted and pushed for a film focused on the cable-access rock enthusiasts. Of course, the gamble paid off as the comedy became the series’ first box office success. After more than three decades, the Austin Powers actor spilled what it was like co-starring with Carvey.

I think one of the biggest legups I had was I was in a film with Dana Carvey, who was one of the greatest comedians to ever be on Saturday Night Live. I just learned so much from him. I think the thing I learned the most because I’m a writer of the stuff is that there’s writing and then there’s performing, and to enjoy the performing. He’s the most joyful performer I’ve ever worked with. If I hadn’t worked with Dana and learned that you have to get the fun molecules into the funnel that get into the film, I don’t think I could have done Austin Powers.

Knowing how the comedian’s performance influenced the spy comedy proved how great he is. That’s why he’s regarded as one of SNL’s greatest cast members. Of course, Myers is no slouch either. Looking back now you can see a few of Carvey’s mannerisms and physicality in the movie. Myers’ writing had traces of his Wayne’s World 2 co-star as well. The Shrek actor revealed how his co-star’s comedic energy and timing influenced his movie performances.

It was just great to work with somebody that goes, ‘Yeah, we’re supposed to show off. We’re supposed to have fun.’ That’s why they came here.

The madcap behavior of Austin Powers is finally explained. The Love Guru actor understood writing or reading the script is completely different from performing it. Admitting his co-star’s contribution to the successful spy satire was a nice gesture after burying the hatchet years ago. Of course, this was nice to learn considering Carvey almost quit the film over his contributions being cut from the original script.

Of course, since his success in comedy movies, Myers has shifted to streaming with his Netflix series The Pentaverate. You can catch it along with some of Netflix’s best TV shows by getting a Netflix subscription. If you want to relive every outlandish Wayne and Garth moment, you can watch Wayne’s World by getting an Apple TV+ subscription.

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