New Fast X Clip Reveals What Happened Between Han And Shaw Right After F9

Sung Kang and Jason Statham in Fast X
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For a long time in the Fast & Furious universe, Sung Kang’s Han Lue was thought to have died in a car accident during Tokyo Drift, but in Fast & Furious 6, it was revealed that Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw deliberately rammed into him as part of his revenge plot against Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto and his allies, as seen in Furious 7. Then F9 came along and revealed that Han’s death had actually been faked by Kurt Russell’s Mr. Nobody, but the F9 end-credits scene ended things on a tense note, with Han showing up at Shaw’s doorstep. While there are still a few weeks to go until Fast X’s release, a new clip from the 2023 new movie release has revealed what immediately happens next between those two characters.

You can head over to EW to watch their exclusive clip for yourself, but to summarize, Deckard Shaw is rightly on edge when Han Lue appears in front of him, as in his mind, the only reason a “dead guy” shows up at his door is for revenge. In reality, Han is there to talk about something tied to Fast X’s plot, and rather than pulling a gun from his jacket, he simply looking to enjoy one of his trademark snacks. Bur Deckard’s already in combat mode, pulling Han into the room and knocking the food out of his hand.

It also turns out that Han wasn’t alone, as Tyrese Gibson’s Roman Pearce, Ludacris’ Tej Parker and Nathalie Emmanuel’s Ramsey were nearby, but they’re unable to make it inside before Shaw locks the door. As the team’s resident hacker, Ramsey immediately starts working to break through the security system, but in the meantime, Han is forced to go on the defensive. He tells Shaw he doesn’t want to fight, but Shaw isn’t hearing it and swiftly kicks his opponent in the chest. Talk about a pulse-pounding way to finally show these two properly meeting for the first time.

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We’ll have to wait for the next Fast & Furious movie to come out to learn how this fight ends, but the good news is that the latest Fast X trailer set up that Han Lue and Deckard Shaw teaming up Though The Fate of the Furious showed Shaw teaming up with Dominic Toretto’s family to rescue his infant son from the clutches of Charlize Theron’s Cipher, Roman is still distrustful of him. It’s understandable given how long he and his friends thought Han was actually dead, but nevertheless, the threat posed by Jason Momoa’s Dante Reyes, a villain with close ties to Fast Five, will require them all to put aside their differences for the greater good.

Although Jason Statham sat out the main events of F9, we got to see him back in action alongside Dwayne Johnson in the 2019 spinoff Hobbs & Shaw. While The Rock has since said he will not be returning to The Fast Saga before it concludes with Fast & Furious 11, it’s at least good to see Statham back in play, especially since it’s unclear if Hobbs & Shaw 2 will actually happen. But let’s not forget that this upcoming movie will also feature plenty of new faces beyond Jason Momoa’s antagonistic character, with Fast X’s cast including Brie Larson as Tess, Alan Ritchson as Agent Aimes and Rita Moreno as Dom, Mia and Jokob Toretto’s grandmother (and we can thank Moreno’s grandson for convincing Vin Diesel to cast her in the role).

Fast X races into theaters on May 17, and while Fast & Furious 11 doesn’t have a release date yet, it’s been confirmed that Louis Leterrier will reprise his directorial duties for the final installment. Use your HBO Max subscription if you’re interested in rewatching F9.

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