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New Uncharted Images Show Tom Holland Looking James Bond Ready

Tom Holland in Uncharted
(Image credit: Sony)

It is not uncommon for modern movies to take thematic and aesthetic inspiration from the classics. If the latest images from Uncharted are anything to go by, it could be paying homage to an iconic leading man. While “Drake. Nathan, Drake” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as “Bond, James Bond, there’s no denying that the latest glimpse we got of Tom Holland has a certain air about it that could have some questioning if he could be the next Bond.

We only have to wait a few more weeks before we finally get to see the long-awaited adaptation of the Uncharted video game. From the trailers and exciting clips we’ve seen so far, we already know we can expect a twist-filled adventure story with death-defying action sequences, such as a major one involving a plane. And thanks to CinemaBlend’s sister site Total Film, we now have another look at some of the movie’s exciting moments: 

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There’s definitely something James Bond-esque about the way Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake is captaining that speedboat. That probably wasn’t an accident, and not only because of Holland’s pitch to play James Bond ultimately led him to play Drake instead. According to Total Film, the upcoming film consciously drew from two iconic franchises: 007 and Indiana Jones. Those inspirations will likely make sense to fans of the Naughty Dog-birthed franchise, since the story revolves around a suave, globetrotting professional treasure hunter. 

The film’s first trailer gave us a taste of both, too. We see swank parties and tuxedos aplenty, Tom Holland’s Drake shaking a martini. But we also see the young man pouring over maps, fighting on airplane wings and exploring long-forgotten caves as he searches for his bounty. He truly seems to be a rugged adventurer.

Despite the similarities, Uncharted still has plenty of original source material to draw from. The super popular video game series upon which it is based has been thrilling fans since 2007, and there are several games worth of stories and characters to draw from. Even with that treasure trove at their disposal, director Ruben Fleischer and the film’s screenwriters made sure the live-action film could stand on its own. In fact, its plot will diverge from the beloved video game series in a few key ways, which could keep seasoned fans on their toes. 

Uncharted is set to hit theaters on February 18th and, when it is finally released, it will have been a long time coming. It has been in some form of development since 2009 - three James Bond movies have been released since then - but it has seen a now-notorious number of production challenges and delays on its way to the big screen. Hopefully, that will mean it is all the more satisfying for the creative team and fans who have waited so long to see Nathan Drake on screen.