Regé-Jean Page For Bond, James Bond? One Bridgerton Star Has Her Doubts

Adjoa Andoh and Regé-Jean Page look slyly at one another at a party in Bridgerton.
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The future of the James Bond movies is heading into that always interesting position where it’s only a matter of time before a new actor is named to that very iconic role. Odds continue to fluctuate as the longest running franchise in film is turning another page in its story. One of the most popular contenders in the recent race of 007 succession has to be Bridgerton alum Regé-Jean Page, with plenty of fans and bettors hoping his presumed coronation will become a reality. However, one of his former co-stars has her doubts when it comes to this very concept. 

Actor Adjoa Andoh, known as Lady Danbury, the guardian to Page’s Simon Basset, provided her opinion on his potential casting to the Daily Star. While respecting and admires his acting talents and career, it is she that has cast some doubt on her on-screen ward’s chances as the next Commander Bond. Ms. Andoh’s position was stated as follows: 

I love Regé, and at a professional level miss acting with him, but we’re still in touch and going to be in each other’s lives. He’s going to do brilliant things and I’ll cheer him on, but I don’t know if he’ll be able to do Bond.

Not providing any further input on the matter, Adjoa Andoh’s opinion is one that doesn’t seem to be reflected by the masses of the betting public. Sitting at a 3/1 odds standing, per the most recent James Bond odds provided, Regé-Jean Page is still pretty popular with those who think they’re picking the winner. It’s an interesting conflict of opinions, but it’s something that Page himself might agree with. 

Always playing it coy when it comes to the rumors surrounding his 007 candidacy, the actor always seems to address the subject with a reverent distance. Mr. Page has also kept himself busy enough that he may not even be able to accept the role, were it to be offered to him. Thanks to roles in projects like Netflix’s espionage thriller/potential franchise starter The Gray Man, as well as the Paramount reboot of the Bond adjacent series The Saint, the actor’s dance card feels full. 

It’s possible that from Adjoa Andoh’s viewpoint, her former Bridgerton co-star isn’t all that interested in the rigors and pressures that the role comes with. Looking at Daniel Craig’s time as James Bond, there’s ample evidence of the trials, restrictions, and intense scrutiny that comes with the gig. So who would know Regé-Jean Page’s potential as the new face of Bond than an actor who witnessed his meteoric rise in fame and attention? 

While there’s no new James Bond adventure in the realm of upcoming movies, there’ are still plenty of cinematic adventure to choose from. Also, the 60th anniversary of the Bond legacy is already poised to give fans other ways to celebrate their favorite super spy. Your next mission awaits, as the world is bound to keep busy while training its watchful eye on who will step into the tuxedo next.

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