Daniel Craig Gets Honest About Pressure Of Playing James Bond In New Trailer For Apple TV+ Documentary

For a certain era of James Bond fans, Daniel Craig is the definitive 007. As the man that became the face of the reboot era for the longest running film franchise in history, his five-film run nailed in a crucial pivot point in Bond’s cinematic history. Culminating in this fall’s release of No Time To Die, the time has come to start peeking behind the curtain of Craig’s history in the role, and in the upcoming documentary Being James Bond: The Daniel Craig Story, the actor opens up about some of those early pressures.

Debuting on Apple TV+, Being James Bond is a documentary that runs through Daniel Craig’s time as Ian Fleming’s literary/cinematic titan, and it’s set to debut on September 7th. Courtesy of the trailer above, you can kind of see what to expect from Being James Bond, as everything from Daniel Craig’s origins in the role with Casino Royale, to some reflections on No Time To Die is on display. Which includes fresh insights into the pressures that Craig felt when accepting the role, such as the following:

I thought I wouldn’t know how to handle it, but I knew we were doing something really special. I literally met my trainer with a rollie and a bacon sandwich and I said, ‘I want to change.’

And change he did, as the Daniel Craig described above went from showing up to his trainer with a cigarette and a breakfast sandwich to engaging in some insane exercise routines. Being James Bond: The Daniel Craig Story will naturally tell that story, as well as include reflections by long time series producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson. However, the movie we’re being sold here doesn’t look like a mere pat on the back for Daniel Craig and the folks at EON Productions.

Being James Bond seems to be aiming to honor, but also demystify the mantle that is playing 007. Throughout his tenure as James Bond, Daniel Craig has always maintained an air of respecting the role, while also understanding how demanding it is to carry. That’s not to say that the No Time To Die star has been slamming his storied post, but rather that Craig has been quite possibly the most revealing when it comes to the pressures and perks when it comes to making the 007 series work.

I think I was overwhelmed. My world had turned upside down, but I'm incredibly proud, and I'm incredibly fortunate to do this.

Being James Bond: The Daniel Craig Story caps off the 15 year run of Daniel Craig’s 007 adventures with details that even the most die hard Bond fans are going to want to learn. Plus, if you happen to be an actor who really wants to be considered for the role of James Bond, post No Time To Die, then this documentary is especially essential viewing. And no matter who you are, you won’t have to wait too long to watch this intriguing retrospective, which also gave us this beautifully candid poster that pretty much spells out what this movie is trying to achieve:

Daniel Craig smiling on set in Being James Bond.

Whether you’re an Apple TV+ subscriber or not, you’ll be able to see Being James Bond: The Daniel Craig Story for free, on a limited time basis. Between its debut on September 7th and October 7th, you’ll be able to rent the film for free through the Apple TV+ app; provided it’s available in your area. That’s just in time to get everyone ready for No Time To Die, which opens in the UK on September 30th and October 8th in the US.

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