Ryan Reynolds Celebrates Free Guy’s Oscar Nomination

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Naturally every actor, filmmaker or production person is excited when hearing their name called on Oscar nomination day. While indie films, sleeper hits and intimate dramas tend to rack up nominations, blockbuster films are frequently shut out or relegated to the technical awards. The latter was the case for Ryan Reynold’s video game movie Free Guy. Instead of making one of his smart quips, Reynolds changed up the pace by genuinely acknowledging the film’s Oscar nomination.

Free Guy scored an Academy Award nomination for Best Visual Effects, and the Red Notice star wanted his followers to know about the comedy’s lone nod, so he hopped on his Twitter. To see the big shout-out Ryan Reynolds gave his Free Guy effects team, check out his post below.

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It was a good look for Ryan Reynolds to give the film’s visual effects team the props they deserve. He could’ve just thanked the team and moved on, but the Free Guy star chose to single out each team member. He showed how important the visual effects artists were to create the amazing video game world in the film, which was inspired by games like Grand Theft Auto. Of course, viewers got to witness their handy works in the incredible Dude vs. Guy battle, which was created through the magic of motion capture. Reynolds was just grateful for the visual effects team’s contribution to the comedy’s success.

Free Guy was one of the multiple blockbusters nominated in the Best Visual Effects category. It was joined by sic-fi epic Dune, Daniel Craig’s Bond swan song No Time to Die, and Marvel films Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Hopefully, the Oscar nomination will spark some movement on the Free Guy 2 front. Ryan Reynolds is already on board for a sequel as he joked about bringing back the Barista and Cat-Lady for MCU’s potential Phase Five. The visual effects team is up for the challenge of topping themselves by saying fans can expect more of a gameplay aspect in a potential follow-up. Maybe that will lead to snatching up more third-act cameos as easy as they did the first time. Hopefully Chris Hemsworth will finally get his cameo in the sequel.  

Viewers will have to wait until March 27 to see if Free Guy will win its Oscar. You can learn what other movies will be competing at the Academy Awards by looking through our 2022 Oscar nominations list, and you're also welcome to look over the lineup of the biggest snubs this year. Free Guy will be available to stream on both Disney+ and HBO Max starting February 23. If you're looking further into the future, check out our 2022 movie releases schedule.

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