See Michael B. Jordan Call Out Reporter (And Former Classmate) During Interview For Allegedly Calling Him ‘Corny’

Michael B. Jordan is currently seeing a level of success and celebrity that even most people working in Hollywood don’t achieve. But once upon a time, he was just a guy with a dream of success. Apparently that dream, along with his name, led others in the school to poke some fun at him back in the day. And during a recent red carpet for the opening of Creed III, Jordan actually confronted one of those people, and it was wild.

While walking the red carpet prior to the premiere of Creed III Lore'l of The Morning Hustle mentioned while speaking with Michael B. Jordan that the two of them had gone to the same school in Newark, to which Jordan replies, “The corny kid, right?” She denies having said that, but Jordan insists he heard her back in the day. It was an awkward moment, but the two eventually move on and start talking about the movie.

You can check out the complete interaction between Michael B. Jordan and his former classmate in the video below.

The incident in question comes from an episode of The Undressing Room podcast (opens in new tab), which is co-hosted by Lore’l. In an episode from 2021, she mentions having gone to school with Jordan. Technically Lore’l is right, as it was her co-host who said that Jordan seemed like a “nice, corny guy.”

The comment spurred Lore’l into talking about her experience going to school with Jordan. She talked about how other kids in the school did apparently give him a hard time because his name was Michael Jordan, as this would have been during the height of Jordan’s stardom. And secondly because he was an aspiring actor who would apparently travel with his professional headshot. I guess nobody really thought he would become the actor he wanted to be, so he proved some people wrong.

It’s probably easy to understand why a bunch of kids would have some fun at the expense of somebody with the same name as a famous sports star, who had some pretty epic career ambitions. At the same time, Michael B. Jordan looks to have achieved pretty much everything he set out to do, so he gets the last laugh, and even gets to point that out to one of those people on his red carpet.

Michael B. Jordan isn’t just the star of Creed III but with the film, Jordan also makes his directorial debut. And that debut looks to be a solid one as early reviews of Creed III have been quite strong. Maybe this should be a lesson to everybody to maybe not poke too much fun at those kids at school with wild dreams. Some of them are actually able to achieve those dreams.

Dirk Libbey
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