See The Cast Reunite At Avatar 2: The Way Of The Water Premiere Sans Director James Cameron (Who Had Covid)

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After years of waiting and wondering if it would ever actually happen, Avatar: The Way of Water is almost here. After having premieres in the UK and Korea, the U.S. premiere took place and while the director unfortunately had to sit it out due to testing positive for covid, the rest of the cast, including those from the first movie, were there in style.

While James Cameron tested positive for Covid on the way home from overseas premieres and thus had to sit out the event in L.A. Last night , though the director tells Deadline he’s feeling fine, the rest of the cast, including original Avatar cast members Zoe Saldaña, Sam Worthington, Stephen Land, and Joel David Moore were all in attendance and looking great. 

The cast of Avatar 2 at the premiere

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It’s certainly not everyday that we get a premiere event for an Avatar movie. While we are supposed to be getting three more of them in the next several years, this is the first one in over a decade and Avatar: The Way of Water has some pretty high expectations to meet since it’s the sequel to the highest grossing films of all time. For a movie this big, you need to look good, and Zoe Saldaña certainly understood the assignment.

Zoe Saldana at the premiere of Avatar 2

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You have to think it was probably especially nice to be able to dress up for something connected to an Avatar movie. The majority of the cast of Avatar: The Way of Water spent most of their time attached to facial motion capture rigs and/or holding their breath for long periods under water. It’s probably nice to just wear normal clothes. 

One person who didn’t have to spend all his time in motion capture pajamas was Joel David Moore, who is one of the handful of people who gets to be a normal human in the film, at least some of the time. He never looks as good in the movie as he does in this sweet velvet jacket. 

Joel David Moore at the Avatar 2 premiere

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If Avatar: The Way of Water looks as good on the big screen as this cast did at the premiere than the sequel is going to be off to a great start. We know that James Cameron pulled out all the stops to make this one the technical achievement that the original film was all those years ago. The new film could set box office records all over again, especially if people spend the extra money on that 3D movie ticket.  

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