See Will Smith And His Mom Adorably Dance To Whitney Houston On Her 85th Birthday

Will Smith has always been a family-oriented person. Whether it's his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, his successful offspring or others, Smith has always worked to make sure they have the best. But there’s one family member who had his heart before anyone else, his mother, Caroline. Smith has spoken multiple times about his love and admiration for his mother. And as a recent show of love for the Smith matriarch, the King Richard star celebrated her 85th birthday with an adorable mother and son dance to a notable Whitney Houston hit.

Of course, the Emancipation star decided to share the sweet moment on Instagram. The mother and son have been through a lot over the years and, due to that, they share a special bond some may (or may not) understand. So it's no surprise that the Oscar-nominated actor would celebrate his mom in such a nice way. Watch the duo cut a rug during her birthday lunch in the post down below:

Whitney Houston’s megahit “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)” was more than fitting for the special occasion. The love between Will Smith and his mom could be felt as they did a cute two-step to the song. What made the adorable moment even more heartwarming was Smith serenading his mother while they danced. The Bad Boys for Life star seemed overjoyed to be on the dance floor with the family matriarch. I mean, let's be honest, for many men, their mother is their first love.

The actor has discussed his parents and his upbringing in Philadelphia quite frequently as of late. He recently shared multiple memories involving his mother in his best-selling memoir, Will. He became very protective of his mom after his troubled childhood. This unfortunately stems in great part from his troubled relationship with his late father. Smith has spoken candidly about him as well, including a particularly serious moment he once had with him.

Over the years, Will Smith has also recalled more lighthearted, if not incredibly awkward family memories. One of these took place around the time he and his wife were first starting to date and humorously involved his grandmother. Now, as a parent, the Suicide Squad star and his wife get candid about their relationship, to the point that some people think they share too much. But personal reveals asidde, Smith seems to be enjoying his family and work more after quitting the Hollywood rat race.

The I, Robot star is still one of Hollywood’s biggest draws, though it will be a while before moviegoers see his next effort, Emancipation. But in the meantime, Smith is just living in the Oscar buzz surrounding his performance in King Richard. And should he finally earn a golden statue, I can see him and his more doing a bit more dancing to celebrate.

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