Someone Created A Mashup Of Jurassic World And Avengers: Endgame, And Now I Need It

The internet is good at giving the world what it wants, what it needs, and what it fears; all in seemingly equal measure. In the case of a recently discovered mashup that puts Avengers: Endgame and Jurassic World on the road to the ultimate crossover, it’s very clear this moment falls into that second category. Watching a Tyrannosaurus Rex take on Thanos could have been a cool concept on its own but, this video does something so wonderful, I need this movie to happen now. 

Fans of 2019’s epic MCU capstone for The Infinity Saga most certainly remember that moment where Chris Evans’ Captain America takes on Thanos (Josh Brolin,) through the power of Mjolnir. It’s one of the many moments that saw Avengers: Endgame inspire rousing crowd reactions on opening weekend, along with the many showings that would follow. But thanks to a user on TikTok, you can watch that scene with one very huge change. Take a look at what it could look like to see Jurassic World’s Roberta wielding Thor’s hammer: 

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There’s a lot to unpack from this moment of crossover goodness. First and foremost, Roberta is definitely a dinosaur that would be worthy of wielding such magic. You could kind of say she’s the Captain America of dinosaurs, as she did single-handedly save the day for the survivors of Jurassic Park. Put that on top of teaming up with Blue in Jurassic World to save the day again decades later, and you’ve got one heroic dinosaur ready to roam the earth.

Another interesting subject is just how the world of Marvel Studios’ heroes and gods would mix with Universal’s tales of science gone wrong. While the world of reality holds these separate spheres apart, due to studio/theme park rivalries and rights issues, the world of fantasy makes them a perfect fit. If Thor can become a frog, or if the Sacred Timeline can shatter just enough to potentially pit Tom Hardy’s Venom against Tom Holland in Spider-Man: No Way Home, all things are possible. 

Should anyone hold their breath over a Jurassic World/MCU crossover even possibly happening? No, they shouldn’t, at least not in any sort of official capacity. If you want that sort of action, you’ll need to rely on industrious fans creating impressive-looking efforts like the one you saw above. However, you can definitely relive that key moment of Avengers: Endgame’s all-out third act. Maybe it’ll fuel your mind enough to create your own story of Earth's Mightiest Heroes venturing to that island where dinosaurs roam the earth:

All of this talk about dinosaurs and superheroes could leave a moviegoer inspired to revisit some old favorites. Which is perfect, because if you’re feeling nostalgic for either the MCU or Isla Nublar, at the time of this writing, you’re in luck. Disney+ has the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Avengers: Endgame, available for viewing; so check out The Disney Bundle if you’re not already a subscriber. And if you’re looking for reasons to join the HBO Max family, the latest subscription offer might seem a little sweeter when you realize the first three Jurassic Park movies are currently in that library. 

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