Epic James Bond Fan Art Imagines Henry Cavill As 007

Daniel Craig is going to keep the title of James Bond for about a year longer than was originally planned, now that No Time to Die has been delayed that long. However, we know that the new movie will be his last in the iconic role, and that means the world will need a new James Bond sooner rather than later. While the question of who that will be probably won't heat up until after No Time to Die is finally released, there are already some solid contenders, and one of them is Superman himself, Henry Cavill.

The once and future Superman has had his name come up before in relation to James Bond, and now one fan has tried to imagine just what that would look like. Instagram's spdrmnkyxxiii took a recent movie poster for Netflix's Enola Holmes, in which Henry Cavill plays Sherlock, and reimagined it as the movie poster for nonexistent James Bond movie. And yeah, it works pretty well. Check it out.

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Henry Cavill certainly pulls off the traditional James Bond look without a problem. All the poster really does is change his clothes into a dark suit and give the man a gun, but really, when it comes to James Bond movie posters, what else do you really need? If this was the movie poster for the next James Bond movie, it would probably sell a few tickets. And bonus points for the fictional movie title. While Need To Know may not be the most creative title in the world, it does give the two letter Os that can be used to create 007, and one can imagine such a title being chosen simply for the marketing capabilities.

For his part, Henry Cavill has made no secret of the fact that he is interested in playing James Bond. As recently as September he has said that if the producers of the franchise wanted him, he would "jump at the chance." Of the various names that have been thrown around in recent months and years, few of the actors, when asked, have outright stated they don't want the gig. There doesn't seem to be much point in playing coy. If you actually want to be James Bond and you act like you're not interested, it's possible you'll never get the call.

If things had gone slightly differently, Henry Cavill could perhaps have been the one in Daniel Craig's shoes. He had previously auditioned for Casino Royale director Martin Campbell. If that had gone better, we could be looking at Cavill being the one ready to hang up the gun.

Who the next James Bond could be is anybody's guess. While many big names have been considered, the role could end up going just as easily to somebody we don't know. Daniel Craig wasn't exactly a household name before he was cast.

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