Justice League 2 Fan Art Brings Zack Snyder’s Storyboard To Life, And Wow

Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke

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As far as comic book blockbusters go, none have had the unprecedented life of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. While the titular filmmaker’s vision was greatly altered for the theatrical cut, that was amended when Snyder Cut was released on HBO Max. Since then, Snyder has been teasing what he originally had in mind for the two sequels, and some fan art has brought one of his storyboard images to life.

While originally filming Justice League, Zack Snyder was planning a five-film movie arc for the DC Extended Universe. As such, two more movies could have continued the story that ultimately ended with the Snyder Cut. But a piece of fan art has brought one of those abandoned concepts to life, namely the formation of the Injustice League. Check it out below.

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I’m sorry, but my FOMO is through the dang roof. It’s awesome to see the villains of the DC Extended Universe assembled into their own super group, and there’s no telling how cool it would have seen them clash with the heroes on the big screen. Let’s break down what we’re being shown here.

The above image comes to us from the Instagram of digital artist datrinti. In it we can see the fruits of some photoshop labour, which combines the villains of various DCEU blockbusters like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and more. The character combination and even their position is adapted from Zack Snyder’s storyboards for the scrapped Justice League sequels.

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In the image Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor is center stage, presumably after assembling a league of his own-- just as he teased in Justice League’s credits scene. He’s flanked by Wonder Woman’s Doctor Poison, as well as Aquaman villains Black Manta and Oceanmaster. The only newcomer to the group is Flash foe Captain Cold, who has yet to actually debut in the DCEU.

As previously mentioned, the formation of the Injustice League was teased in the final moments of Justice League’s theatrical cut. As a reminder, you can check out that sequence below.

Since Zack Snyder’s Justice League was released, the titular filmmaker has been sharing tidbits of information about his plans for the next two sequels. While it doesn’t look like Warner Bros. is moving forward with said plans, the fandom was delighted to learn what might have been. Which is why fan art like the one seen above is sure to have legs online.

Despite the talking about #RestoreTheSnyderVerse both the studio and Zack Snyder himself have denied any plans for a Justice League follow-up. Indeed, the filmmaker is keeping busy with a number of projects on Netflix. Meanwhile the Snyder Cut remains separate from the main timeline of the DCEU. At least, for now.

The next installment in the DCEU is The Suicide Squad on August 6th. In the meantime, check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

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