Terry Crews' Best Movies And TV Shows And How To Watch Them

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I’ve become a big fan of Terry Crews in the last couple of years. While he didn’t start off in acting, beginning his career in the NFL, he has since become a big-time actor with roles in both movie and TV shows, often showing off his charming charisma and brilliant comedic timing. And sometimes, you just need a little but of that to binge during a day off.  

Today, we’re going to go over the best Terry Crews movies and TV shows, and how you can watch them streaming. 

Terry Crews in Everybody Hates Chris.

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Everybody Hates Chris (2005 - 2009)

First off on this list, we take a look at the sitcom, Everybody Hates Chris. Created by Chris Rock, this show is based on his memories as a teenager during the 1980s, following Chris, who is just trying to somehow get through life in one piece without getting his ass kicked. 

Crews portrayed Julius Rock, the father of Chris in the show and someone who will do anything for a bargain and loves his family to death, and honestly this was where I first saw Terry Crews as a comedic actor. Him as Julius just fits so well, and from the moment he steps on the screen, you know that he was the perfect choice to play this role. While there hasn’t been a reboot of Everybody Hates Chris just yet, if there ever is one, you bet your butt I’m going to want to see Terry Crews somehow pop up on it somewhere. 

Stream Everybody Hates Chris on Peacock.

Terry Crews in Friday After Next.

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Friday After Next (2002)

Next up, we have Friday After Next. This stoner comedy follows cousins who, after they witness a fake Santa rob their apartment, decide to hunt them down and find their stolen items just in time for Christmas the next day, causing hilarity to ensue. 

The third installment in the Friday series starring Ice Cube, this film did receive negative reviews but over time has developed a strong cult following for its hilarious storyline and fun acting, and Terry Crews actually was a part of the main cast, playing Damon Pearly, an ex-convict that truly steals the show in more ways than one and shows off his comedic talents early on in his acting career. You just have to love him in this role. 

Stream Friday After Next on HBO Max. 
Rent Friday After Next on Amazon.

Terry Crews in White Chicks.

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White Chicks (2004)

White Chicks stars the Wayans brothers, Shawn and Marlon, and follows two Black FBI agents who are going undercover in order to solve a kidnapping plot, but in order to do so, they disguise themselves as “white chicks” in order for the plan to work. 

Again, this film has not aged well and at the time, did receive negative reviews, but it’s such a cult classic at this point. And nobody can quite forget Terry Crews as Latrell Spencer, and the moment he sings the iconic song, “A Thousand Miles.” I mean, talk about legendary. I personally don’t think that this movie ever deserves a remake, but it’s still entertaining to watch and think back on a time like this. 

Rent White Chicks on Apple TV.

Terry Crews in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013 - 2021)

In my eyes, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the best modern day comedies to come from television. Taking place in a fictional police precinct in Brooklyn, we follow the daily lives of Jake Peralta, a detective, and his co-workers as they solve cases, fight crimes, and get into other miscellaneous moments of mischief throughout their time in their job. 

Terry Crews portrays Terry Jeffords, a sergeant in the precinct and someone who has a family and can draw surprisingly well (which is actually based on Terry Crews’ real-life drawing skills). Let me just say this - the Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast is talented, every single one of them, but I seriously do remember Terry’s character the most, as he has some of the funniest moments in this show. There are some amazing episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and usually Terry has always been in the forefront of them as a valued character and I’ve just come to love him so much. 

It’s a shame the show came to an end after eight seasons but we can always check it out on Peacock. 

Stream Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Peacock.

Terry Crews in Idiocracy.

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Idiocracy (2006)

Next up, we have another film, Idiocracy. If you’re looking for a science-fiction comedy, be sure to check this one out. In modern day, two people undergo a hibernation experiment under the government, but something goes wrong and they end up waking up in 2505, where the world is stupid, and now Joe Bauers is the smartest man in the world. 

I’ll always be upset that this film didn’t do well at the box office because it’s so good, and the cast is just incredible. Not only is this one of Maya Rudolph’s best movies, but oh my God Terry Crews as President Dwayne is just the most unhinged thing you will ever see in the best way and I would pay money to see him act as President Dwayne again. Crews perfects this performance and his comedic timing is perfect here. 

Stream Idiocracy on Tubi.
Rent Idiocracy on Amazon.

Terry Crews in Blended.

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Blended (2014)

Moving on, we have an Adam Sandler romantic comedy starring the man himself, Adam Sandler, and Drew Barrymore. Blended tells the story of two people who went on a terrible blind date, but years later, they are forced to stay together when their children end up in the same resort. 

While the main stars of this film are Sandler and Barrymore, Terry Crews as Nickens is just perfect. I feel like this movie was purposefully made for Crews to not only show off his comedic acting but as well for his physical humor, if we’re being completely honest, because those dancing pecs and his “huge African arms” have haunted my dreams and made me laugh over and over again. 

Stream Blended on Crackle.
Rent Blended on Amazon.

Terry Crews in Rumble.

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Rumble (2021)

dLet’s talk voice roles, as Terry has a prominent one in the Paramount+ original film, Rumble. This animated movie takes place in a world where monsters and humans live together and monster wrestling is about as big as any major sport out there. A young monster wants to do what her father did and turn an underdog into a major fighter, running into obstacles along the way. 

Crews actually voices the villain of this film, Tentacular, who is a shark-headed and tentacled monster and a super good fighter, and his voice-acting is great. You can really tell he put all his personality into the role and really wanted to give audiences a fun time no matter what their age. The film itself is also beautifully animated, with some really cool fight scenes that I think anyone would enjoy. 

Stream Rumble on Paramount Plus.

Terry Crews on America's Got Talent: Extreme

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America’s Got Talent (2014 - Present)

For those who don’t know, Terry Crews for several years, has taken over the hosting gig of America’s Got Talent. This popular reality competition show puts talented Americans up against each other as they all try to compete for a show in Vegas as well as a million dollars, performing for not only a panel of judges, but for the whole world to see. 

While there have been plenty of winners of America’s Got Talent, Terry has only been around since 2014 (the year Mat Franco, the magician won), and he’s seriously the best host. Again, he has this kind of charisma that just makes him easy to watch and not cringey at all, and what really makes it better is that he’ll do bits with the contestants as well, and even has his own Golden Buzzer to use on specific performances. The show itself is always interesting to see different acts from around the country, but I truly watch it low-key for Terry Crews. 

Stream America’s Got Talent on Peacock.

Terry Crews in Are We There Yet?

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Are We There Yet? (2010 - 2013)

Moving on, we have another TV sitcom, Are We There Yet? This show, based on the 2005 movie of the same name, follows the story of a family who is trying to just live their lives in Seattle when two divorced parents marry and have to figure out how to handle their lives in a blended family of different children and lives now. 

For three seasons, Terry Crews starred as Nick Pearsons, and again, he rocks this father-figure role. I don’t know what it is. He was great in Everybody Hates Chris and played a leader role in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, so I’m starting to think Crews is just perfect for playing roles such as these. His family values are something to praise, and has a work ethic all of us should hope to have some day. Truly, a great TV character - and only Crews could play him so charismatically well. 

Stream Are We There Yet? on Tubi.

Terry Crews in Sorry To Bother You.

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Sorry To Bother You (2018)

Last but not least, we have Sorry to Bother You, which is a black comedy that tells the story of a Black telemarketer who ends up taking on a white accent in order to try and succeed at his job, but as he does, he starts to discover secrets and conspiracies he never would have imagined, and has to choose between keeping his occupation and fighting for what’s right. 

Sorry to Bother You is an amazing Black-led hidden gem of a movie that I think everyone should watch at least once. Not only is it one of Lakeith Stanfield’s best films, Terry Crews is also awesome in it, playing Sergio, the uncle of the main character, “Cash,” and Crews plays this role perfectly with amazing chemistry between Stanfield and himself. The ending is a little out there, but the film overall is a great time. 

Stream Sorry To Bother You on Netflix. 
Rent Sorry To Bother You on Amazon.

Some of these projects you might have heard of, or some of them you haven’t, but no matter what you end up watching from this list, I guarantee you’re going to have a great time. Now, if you don’t mind me, I’m going to go and re-watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine again. 

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