Brooklyn Nine-Nine: What The Cast Of The Iconic Comedy Is Doing Next

Andy Samberg in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
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When it comes to some of the most iconic sitcoms of the last decade, one that always pops into my mind is the hilarious Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Taking place at a fictional police precinct in Brooklyn, this comedy ran for eight seasons, switched to a new network, and captured the hearts of fans everywhere until it ultimately came to an end in 2021.

There have been some awesome Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes, hysterical moments, and so much more that we could talk about when it comes to the acclaimed comedy, but today, we’re going to be talking about the cast. From Andy Samberg to Terry Crews, here is what the Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast has been up to since the show’s ended, and what they have coming up.  

Andy Samberg in Cop Con Brooklyn Nine-Nine screenshot

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Andy Samberg (Jake Peralta)

As the star of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it’s understandable that Andy Samberg has done plenty of movies and television shows throughout his lifetime as an actor, and that’s certainly the case since his hit sitcom has come to an end. 

Since the ending of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Samberg has appeared in a variety of movies and TV shows, including reprising his role in the Hotel Transylvania: Transformania cast, as well as a small voice role in The Boys Presents: Diabolical. Samberg has also stepped into the video game world with a voice role in a popular video game spinoff of the Borderlands series, called Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, where he voices Captain Valentine. 

Coming up, Samberg is going to be in the upcoming Disney+ original movie, Chip ‘n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers, where he’ll actually be voicing Dale himself, so it’s certainly going to be a fun year for him indeed when that releases on the streaming platform. 

Stephanie Beatriz in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Stephanie Beatriz (Rosa Diaz)

Next up, we have Stephanie Beatriz, the actress who portrayed Rosa Diaz in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the hard as nails cop with some of the best one-liners in the series. Beatriz has been keeping herself busy with big movie roles since the show ended, appearing in huge projects. 

Some of her biggest roles in the last year were when she was a part of the In the Heights cast, as well as the lead role of Mirabel as part of the Encanto cast. Beatriz has also appeared in many other TV shows such as Maya and the Three, American Dad!, Bob’s Burgers, the Apple TV+ original series, Central Park, and more. 

Coming up, Beatriz is going to be starring in several new movies, including Bob’s Burgers: The Movie as Chloe Barbash, Trans Los Angeles, and History of Evil, so this actress is only going to become even more recognizable and show up in some of what are sure to be our favorite new movies soon enough. 

Terry Crews in Brooklyn Nine-Nine screenshot

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Terry Crews (Terry Jeffords)

If you watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine, there was just no way you couldn’t love Terry Jeffords, who was amazingly portrayed by Terry Crews. And, of course, this charming actor has been hard at work since his role in the popular sitcom came to an end. 

While his hosting gig on America’s Got Talent was going on before Brooklyn Nine-Nine ended, Crews has continued to host the popular competition series for NBC. Besides this, he’s been active in both movies and television, with some of his biggest roles being a guest role in Space Force, a recurring role in Side Hustle, and voicing Duane in the animated TV series, Craig of the Creek. 

If you’re wondering what Terry Crews has coming up next, be sure to keep an eye out for summer 2022, as Crews will be starring in an episode of the upcoming anthology series, Tales of the Walking Dead, where we’ll truly get to see him embrace his badass self in the popular and expanding zombie universe.  

Melissa Fumero in Brooklyn Nine-Nine screenshot

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Melissa Fumero (Amy Santiago) 

Next up, we have Amy Santiago, one of the best cops on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and always on time for her job (except for that one instance where she was at the bank), played by the lovely Melissa Fumero. Since the show has come to an end, Fumero has been hard at work making new stuff that is sure to impress. 

For starters, she will star in a new film called Bar Fight, according to Deadline, alongside other stars like Rachel Bloom, Luka Jones, and more. Fumero is also set to star in a new Netflix comedy series called Blockbuster, according to Variety, which takes place at - you guessed it - a Blockbuster video store. I, for one, can’t wait to see this series - because who else misses Blockbuster as much as I do?

Joe Lo Truglio in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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Joe Lo Truglio (Charles Boyle)

Moving on, we have Charles Boyle from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jake’s best friend and a bit of a weirdo, especially with his love of interesting and unusual foods. He was portrayed by Joe Lo Truglio, who is truly a comedic genius and has been in some awesome movies and TV shows. 

Since Brooklyn Nine-Nine ended, Truglio has continued his voice-work in many shows, including American Dad! Bob’s Burgers, and Robot Chicken. He also portrayed Deputy Frank Rizzo in Reno 911! 

Chelsea Peretti in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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Chelsea Peretti (Gina Linetti)

Moving on, we have Chelsea Peretti, who played Gina Linetti in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a friend of Jake’s from a long time ago and the assistant to Captain Holt. While she was a regular in the series for six seasons, she ended up leaving Brooklyn Nine-Nine for a bit until she returned as a special guest star for the series ending, and it was great to see her return. 

Peretti has been very busy in Hollywood since leaving Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which includes both roles in movies and television. Some of her biggest parts have been having a voice role in The Great North, being a part of the Netflix animated adult series, Big Mouth, and having a main role as part of the Sing 2 cast

Peretti doesn’t have anything new coming up soon, but I’m sure it won’t be long until we get to see her in films and TV shows once again, showing off her skillful comedic talent. If you want to keep up with what she is doing, be sure to check out her Twitter.  

Andre Braugher in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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Andre Braugher (Raymond Holt)

Captain Holt, otherwise known as Raymond Holt, in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, was a hard-ass for a reason but a freaking great captain and an even better character to love, and the only person I could ever see portraying him is Andre Braugher. From the moment we first meet him until the very end, you can’t help but like this man. 

Understandably, Braugher has done some great things since Brooklyn Nine-Nine came to a close. He had a guest spot on the popular Paramount+ series, The Good Fight, where he played Ri’Chard Lane. Coming up soon, Braugher is set to star in She Said, according to Variety, a film about the New York Times editor, Dean Baquet.

Keep in mind that there haven’t been many updates since this was announced back in 2021, so take that news with a grain of salt, but I do hope we get to see this portrayal soon enough. 

Dirk Blocker in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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Dirk Blocker (Michael Hitchcock)

Next up on this list, we have Michael Hitchcock, a cop who usually focuses more on his paperwork so he doesn’t need to deal with the constant daily action of actually being a police officer in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and was also best friends with Scully (who we'll get to in a little bit). In the show, he was portrayed by the wonderful Dirk Blocker. 

Since the series ended in 2021, Blocker hasn’t been as active in the industry as some of his other co-stars, but that doesn't mean he still hasn’t been active on social media and promoting his work. If you’d like to keep up with what Blocker has been up to, be sure to check out his Twitter page, where he posts regularly. 

Joel McKinnon Miller in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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Joel McKinnon Miller (Norm Scully)

Last but not least, we have Norm Scully from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, another accident-prone police officer who works as Hitchock’s partner, often trying to avoid the same type of police work that his partner likes to avoid as well. In the series, Joel McKinnon Miller portrayed Norm Scully, making us love the character through his great comedic timing. 

Since Brooklyn Nine-Nine ended, Miller has been working on some new things in Hollywood, some of which might excite you. He portrayed Frank in the short, Snow Globe & The Cat, but the bigger news is that he will play a recurring role in the upcoming series, The Staircase, where he will portray Larry Pollard. 

While it does feel a bit unlikely that Brooklyn Nine-Nine will even return, we can at least take solace in the fact that all of these actors have been working their butts off to make new and impressive stuff that will only continue to further their legacy. 

I, for one, can’t wait to see what they do next and will be supporting them every step of the way. Now, if you don’t mind me, I’m going to go and watch Terry Crews be an absolute gem as the host of America’s Got Talent again. 

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