That Promised M3GAN Unrated Cut Is Coming To Streaming, And Very Soon

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It’s still pretty early into 2023, but one movie that’s already enjoyed a lot of positive reception from critics and audiences alike is M3GAN, the Blumhouse feature about an artificially intelligent doll who starts wreaking havoc on anyone who she sees as coming between her and the young girl she looks after. Opening in theaters on January 6, M3GAN is still playing on various big screens, but for those of you who are Peacock subscribers, there’s good news. That promised unrated cut of M3GAN is coming to the streaming service soon!

Starting on Friday, February 24, two versions of M3GAN will be able to stream on Peacock: the theatrical version that’s been available to the masses since January 6, and the all-new unrated version containing never-before-seen footage. M3GAN is the latest Blumhouse movie to be added to the Peacock library, with others including You Should Have Left and Sinister, as well as the service’s original offerings Sick and They/Them (which CinemaBlend reviewed as 3.5 out of 5 stars). Peacock is also where you can stream recent releases like Spoiler Alert, TÁR, Ticket to Paradise, Bros, She Said and Violent Night.

It’s unclear how much longer the unrated cut of M3GAN will be compared to the theatrical version, but if you walked out of the movie liking it, yet wishing it’d been an R-rated flick rather than operating within PG-13 confines, you’ll now be able to see what that looks like. Less than a week after M3GAN opened in theaters, Akela Cooper, the movie’s writer, acknowledged that she understood why Universal Pictures went the PG-13 route with M3GAN given how teenagers got in on the meme craze focused on the title doll, then indicated that there would be an unrated cut released “at some point.” Sure enough, it’ll be available to watch in a week’s time.

M3GAN’s eponymous character was physically portrayed by Amie Donald and voiced by Jenna Davis, and the rest of the cast included Allison Williams, Violet McGraw, Ronny Chieng, Brian Jordan Alvarez, Jen Van Epps, Stephane Garneau-Monten and Lori Dungey, among others. Housebound director Gerard Johnstone helmed the feature, and it was produced by Blumhouse CEO Jason Blum and James Wan. Made off a reported $12 million budget, M3GAN has made over $168 million worldwide as of the time of this writing.

The unrated M3GAN cut’s forthcoming release isn’t the only thing to look forward to if you’re obsessed with this killer doll. M3GAN 2.0 has also been greenlit for release on January 17, 2025, though Jason Blum has said the sequel won’t be rushed into production since the script still hasn’t been written. If this still isn’t enough M3GAN-y goodness for you, check out the Saturday Night Live sketch about how a M3GAN sequel catering to gay men would look.

Once again, both the theatrical and unrated versions of M3GAN will be available to stream on Peacock come February 24. In the meantime, look over the 2023 new movie releases and see which cinematic entertainment looks worth checking out later in the year.

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