Tom Cruise Still Going Above And Beyond To Support The Theatrical Experience With Surprise Appearance At Film Festival

Tom Cruise flying in Top Gun: Maverick
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We expect Tom Cruise to, as the kids say “understand the assignment” when it comes to making fun, exciting movies on the big screen. He always tries to wow us with new practical stunts in the Mission: Impossible films, but he impressed a lot of people at CineEurope in Barcelona recently by doing something much simpler than parachuting out of plane. He just showed up to support theaters.

CineEurope is the European equivalent of Las Vegas’ CinemaCon, where the movie studios and the theatrical exhibitors get together to do some business. In the past the events would frequently bring out some of the stars, but obviously these days that’s not really happening. Several celebs introduced footage of upcoming films via video, but when it came time for Paramount to show off Mission: Impossible 7 and Top Gun: Maverick, Deadline reports Cruise surprised the audience by walking out on stage. Before showing footage of upcoming films, he spoke about the importance of theaters and how much he loves movies.

Tom Cruise apparently made the trip to Barcelona from London, where he recently wrapped shooting on Mission: Impossible 7. Seeing Tom Cruise in person would have likely been a thrill for the audience under any circumstances. But in a year where CineEurope is happening, like so many things, not under normal conditions, it was probably that much more exciting. 

Things may not be normal but Tom Cruise is trying to be his normal self it seems by doing things that blow people away. Cruise is the guy who will land a helicopter in your yard and then have his pilot take some kids for a ride

The footage that was shown of both Mission: Impossible 7 and Top Gun: Maverick was the same footage shown at CinemaCon, so there’s nothing new to report there. But it was maybe a bittersweet reveal as it was at CineEurope two years ago that the first footage of Top Gun: Maverick was ever screened, showing just how long it has been that movies have been delayed.

Currently, following the most recent delays, Top Gun: Maverick is set to open in May of 2022 with Mission: Impossible 7 set for November that year. We’ve been waiting a long time for that Top Gun sequel, decades really, but the fact that the movie has been complete, and basically sitting on a shelf for over a year just makes the whole thing that much more frustrating. 

Hopefully, the final delays for these movies have happened and by next summer things will truly be the normal we’ve all been waiting for. When that happens Tom Cruise will need to up his game when it comes to doing things that make people say wow. Simply showing up won’t be enough, but knowing Tom Cruise, he’ll find a way. 

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