Vin Diesel Looked Ripped As He Preps To Say Goodbye To Dom And The Family In F10 And F11

F9 was released this past summer, marking the beginning of the end of the Fast saga, with Fast 10 and 11 set to be the final two movies in the main franchise. The franchise has changed and grown so much over the years, and Vin Diesel and the crew behind the series have delivered what their fans want time and time again. Diesel, co-star Ludacris recently talked about the top-secret filming for the final Fast and Furious installments, and now Vin Diesel is teasing the return of Dom Torretto for his final ride. In fact, Vin Diesel looked ripped as he preps to say goodbye to Dom and the family in F10 and F11

Vin Diesel took to social to drop a teaser for fans, dropping a hint that the final journey for Dom Torretto is actually about to start filming. The prep has apparently started, and Diesel looks ready for some action. Here’s the Instagram post:

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Fans were already excited about where the franchise is going. The introduction of new characters has added new wrinkles to the formula and set up some exciting possibilities, and now the preparation for the finish has begun. Here, Diesel has proven he's putting in a lot of work and it's showing, and fans should be able to appreciate the dedication from the patriarch of the Fast family. 

Diesel has been busy lately, promoting a potential return to the Riddick franchise, continuously promoting F9, and reflecting on the journey he and fans have been on over the last couple of decades. This recent post signals to fans that Dom Torreto will be back soon, and Diesel is clearly gearing up for an action-packed finish for his iconic character.

F9 raised a ton of questions that still need to be answered in F10. The introduction of Dom Torreto's long-lost brother, played by John Cena, was a significant turning point for the family. It will be interesting to see how he factors into and changes the dynamic in the final movies. Charlize Theron’s Cipher will likely return, but she needs some serious help, so I'm guessing fans can expect some new faces to go against the family in the next installment. 

One of the major questions fans have concerning the franchise is: Will Dwayne Johnson return as Hobbs for the final two movies? Diesel and Johnson have had a rocky relationship, and it seemed they would both rather not work with one another, with The Rock even making his own spin-off movie with Jason Statham. Yet, Diesel recently made an appeal to The Rock to put their differences aside and return to the franchise, and a producer for Hobbs and Shaw has implied that situations could change very quickly.

After the main franchise ends, there will undoubtedly be some spin-offs, prequels, or other projects from various characters in the family (I'm guessing in the vein of Hobbs and Shaw), so it's not as if Fast and Furious will completely end with F10 and F11. For now, I can’t wait for more details on what the final two films in the main franchise will bring, and what Vin Diesel's last ride as Dom Toretto in the OG franchise will look like. 

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