Who Is Tess In Fast X? We Finally Know More About The New Character

Brie Larson as Tess in Fast X
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The Fast and Furious family gets bigger with each new entry in the franchise as new stars get cast in new roles, playing both heroes and villains. The new big bad of Fast X will be played by Jason Momoa, but up until now, it was unclear just who Brie Larson's character was. Now we know, and it turns out, she's Nobody.

Speaking with Total Film (via GamesRadar) Brie Larson reveals that her character Tess is connected to others we know in the franchise, but she's not a secret O'Conner sibling as some have surmised. Instead, she's apparently the daughter of Kurt Russell's Mr. Nobody, the shadowy government agent. However, Larson says Tess is a bit of a different character. She explained...

Tess is Mr. Nobody’s daughter. She is technically Agency, but she’s kind of a bridge, in a way. She doesn’t go along with the way that the Agency’s headed now that her father isn’t there. She believes in the legacy that her father set up, which is standing with Dom and standing with the Toretto family, and is fighting for that. Dom knows that she has a strong mind and definitely respects that she’s gone out of her way to talk to him and wants to build trust. What he asks of Tess is a test. Like, if it’s an impossible task, and she can get it done, then that’s family for life.

In F9 we learned that Mr. Nobody had been the one to help Han fake his death, but the fate of Mr. Nobody himself is left unclear. His plane is shot down while it's transporting Charlize Theron's Cipher, but it's unclear exactly what happened to Mr. Nobody.

Based on what Brie Larson says here, that her character is trying to carry on her father's legacy, it sounds like Mr. Nobody either is dead or is believed to be. One way or another it sounds like we'll get some answers as to what happened to him, either from Tess directly, or from Little Nobody, the rookie agent played by Scott Eastwood who previously appeared in The Fate of the Furious, as we know he's back in the cast of Fast X as well. 

While Tess is apparently part of the same agency that her father worked for, that doesn't mean she's going to play things by the book. Larson continued...

I would say Tess is a little bit of a mystery. She is part of the Agency, but she also goes rogue and edges more towards the family side, but that means she has a lot to prove. When Dom gives her an impossible task that's going to require a lot of thought and effort and also is putting herself at risk, she doesn't question it. I think that shows who she is, that she's willing to go to those lengths. She agrees to do it because she wants to show up for this family the way that her father did. She's also really intelligent. Tess plays the game well. She's not afraid of going on her own mission to do what she feels is right in her heart.

Fast & Furious has always been a franchise about family, both the biological and the found, and so it makes sense that Brie Larson would enter the story as part of a family line. However, it sounds like she's determined to become part of Dominic Toretto's family as well. 

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