Will Jonathan Majors Be Back In Creed’s Growing Cinematic Universe? Here’s What He Said

Jonathan Majors as Dame in Creed III
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After knocking Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania off the top of the box office two weeks ago, Creed III remains strong at No. 2 following Scream VI’s stellar opening weekend. Now the boxing franchise is reportedly setting its sights on even bigger horizons, as rumors swirl of Michael B. Jordan inking a deal with Amazon to expand the Creed-Verse.  After making a splash as Adonis Creed’s childhood friend-turned-rival Damian Anderson, fans are wondering if Jonathan Majors will be involved in the growing cinematic universe. With so much buzz building, Majors finally spoke on the potential franchise expansion.

The Creed III star reassured fans they might get more Dame in the future while attending the Chanel pre-Oscar party. Variety caught up with Majors at the party, with the outlet asking his take on the latest development surrounding the Rocky spinoff franchise. The rising movie star was fully supportive of Michael B. Jordan’s Creed aspirations as he spoke about what he’s heard/seen so far.

I know [expanding the Creed universe has] always been an aspiration for brother Michael. I don’t know how far he’s going to take it. I’ve seen a few things that are very exciting. It’s on now. He’s got the ball. He’s gonna run with it. … I will be involved as brother Michael will let me.

Well, it seems like Majors is ready for a Diamond Dame spinoff if that’s part of Jordan’s overall plans. There isn’t too much information about the Kilmonger actor and the expanding Creed-Verse right now. Several projects are reportedly in the works, including two TV series (live-action and anime, respectively) and a project following Mila Davis-Kent’s Amara Creed. Having talked with the Creed III director, it wouldn’t be too farfetched if a movie featuring everyone’s favorite lovable antagonist was on the horizon. The Ant-Man 3 star might finally get to flesh out the good guy within the underrated boxer.

If fans were wondering about Jonathan Majors keeping up his much-admired physique, they don’t have to worry about him letting himself go. The Hollywood heartthrob mentioned possibly working out twice in preparation for his presenting duties at the Academy Awards. He brought up eating steak for breakfast as a good source of protein. So he’s staying in top-notch condition just in case his friend rings him up to reprise the troubled boxer.

Before Jordan’s reported Amazon deal, the planned Drago family spinoff was said to be moving forward. Of course, the proposed Rocky spinoff elicited some not-so-nice remarks from creator and star Sylvester Stallone. Hopefully the Creed news won't get the same reaction as the previously-mentioned spinoff. Given the bad blood between Stallone and Rocky producers, it seems as though fans won’t see him playing the Italian Stallion anytime soon unless both parties come to an agreement.

It might be some time before moviegoers see Damian Anderson again as Jonathan Majors has multiple projects lined up, including the Dennis Rodman biopic 48 Hours in Vegas and two Avengers films – The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars. Creed III won’t be the last time audiences see Majors this year  either, as the Sundance Film Festival darling Magazine Dreams is expected to premiere in the latter half of 2023. Check out our movie schedule to see what other new releases have yet to premiere.

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