I’m a little bit tired of reporting Superman news, but you should all probably know there’s a video and some pictures floating around out there showing off Brandon Routh as Clark Kent. His wig looks incredibly fake, but he otherwise seems appropriately Kenty. Actually, he looks like he’s doing an impression of Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent. I suppose that’s a good thing. You can see Superman’s commentary on the human race here, and just to be snazzy I’ve posted on Routh as Kent pictures to your right.

In concert with the overload of Singer’s Superman news and imagery we’ve been flooded with lately, Warner Brothers is busily cranking out poster after poster for their upcoming Batman Begins movie. At first it was cool, because the posters were unique and beautiful. However, sometime in the last week or so it got annoying, as the poster quality has steadily decreased. The latest teaser poster, from Batman on Film is little more than a photoshopped version of one of the photos released in WB’s Summer Preview. Also, it has bats. Scroll down for a look at it below.

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