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It was bound to happen eventually. Eddie Murphy and Chris Tucker, two quick-talking comedians who started off brilliantly and then eventually derailed their talent, haven't co-starred in a movie yet. You figure every comedy team needs a straight man, and neither of them ever seems willing to hold back. But now the two will team up at last, and as if that weren't bad enough, they're bringing Brett Ratner along with them.

Production Weekly is reporting that this new vortex of hell, titled Trump Heist will be Ratner's next project, now that he's shelved his planned adaptation of video game God of War. We reported last fall that Ratner had the God of War movie lined up, and noted "your only hope here is that the green light never comes in." Well, fans, your lucky day has come. As for Murphy and Tucker fans hoping they would eventually come up with worthy material-- well, better luck next time.
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