After their irresponsible and just plain stupid review of Aeon Flux, I swore I'd never visit this place again. After they took credit for the career of Guillermo Del Toro, I doubly swore it. Then they came up with the picture to your right. Buddy, I was weak.

The hilarious still on your right is the second shot we've seen of Jack Black in the upcoming movie Nacho Libre. If you aren't already blowing snot bubbles in your milk and laugh-choking on your own bile at the site of it, we then there's a good chance you're not human.

The image is courtesy of AICN, and if you want to see a bigger version, I guess you'll have to click over there.

So what the hell is Nacho Libre? In English, it translates to "Nacho Frees"… which means nothing except that perhaps freedom comes with jalapenos and extra cheese. The movie is the story of a Mexican priest named Ignacio (Jack) who throws on the outfit you see to your right and moonlights as a bizarre wrestler named "Lucha Libre" to raise money for his orphanage.

The bad thing is that it's directed by Jared Hess, the guy responsible for foisting the crap of Napoleon Dynamite on us. But it was written by Mike White, a bonafide comedy genius, and one of the guys responsible for School of Rock. Hopefully, the combo of White and Black can counteract those Hess cooties. Just keep Jon Heder out of the cast.

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