Someone, somewhere made the weird decision that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles needed to be redone. Not just as a sort of ok redo of their Saturday morning cartoon, but a new version of the movies in CGI too. We reported on this several months ago… did anyone really take it seriously? I know I didn't.

But now it looks like it's really happening. Those pizza-loving turtles are returning to movie theaters, only this time spiffed up by computer animation, which is bound to be a vast improvement over those stiff, foam rubber suits. We know it's happening, because has not only uncovered the film's official site, but the first poster from it too.

I've stuck a smaller resolution version of the poster to your right, but to see it full size you'll have to go see JoBlo. If you want to check out the official site, which has nothing on it, click here.

The interesting thing about the official site is that it's in Hong Kong, yet it says the film is being distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. and the new Weinstein Company. Presumably they'll at some point launch an American official site as well then, but what's Weinstein doing paired with the WB? That's new.

It looks like the movie isn't coming till 2007, so don't expect anything more on it, or even a proper trailer any time soon. Enjoy the endless, empty tease.

For more information on the new TMNT, visit our preview database.


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