Whether it’s Iron Man, Spider-Man, or Captain America, we can all agree that comic book movies have become somewhat bloodless affairs. Sure, these films rack up body counts, but much of the grit and grime of the action gets left on the cutting room floor. All that being said, don’t ever let anyone tell you that comic books are solely for children. Although adaptations of comics and graphic novels typically attain PG-13 ratings from the MPAA, some of us want something a little darker, and a little edgier when it comes to our comic book properties.

With Deadpool about to hit theaters, audiences should prepare themselves for a gritty, gory, and downright vulgar foray into the world of comic books. That being said, Deadpool is hardly the first comic book movie to go all out and strive for the R-rating. Over the years there have been some truly amazing, hard hitting R-rated adaptations. It’s a deep pool to choose from, but we have determined our ten all time favorite R-rated comic book films. Let’s get the ball rolling with number 10…

10. Kingsman: The Secret Service
James Bond sometimes acts like a rambunctious teenager, but what if a British intelligence agency actually enlisted the talents of a genuine adolescent A-hole? Like many of the films on this list, Kingsman: The Secret Service builds itself around the idea tackling familiar ideas and subverting expectations. Based on the famous Mark Millar graphic novel of the same name, Kingsman carefully dissects numerous well-worn tropes of the spy genre, and turns them on their head in gory, profane, and downright brilliant fashion. Although this meta approach to various genres has become common over time, we can’t argue with how masterfully Kingsman balances genuine drama and hilarious violence.

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