Every now and then, a film character in a supporting role is either extremely well written or so underwritten but full of promise, that they deserve a picture of their own. It doesn't always happen, but every now and then the public's prayers are answered and we get films like U.S. Marshals and Annabelle that give us a little more time focused on those most notable characters we latch onto while watching the main narrative. With that in mind, here's a list of ten supporting characters that were so captivating in their time on screen, that they should be given a chance to have a solo away from the band!

Rocket Raccoon, from Guardians Of The Galaxy
Rocket Raccoon is an absolute no brainer, as everyone seems to have latched on to this character with the fervor of a stand alone Marvel superhero. With his trusty friend Groot by his side, there's no telling the sorts of adventure and misadventure the pair could get into, while defending peace and justice in the galaxy as members of the Nova Corps. Marvel's already "getting weird" after Guardians Of The Galaxy became a massive hit, so why not keep the train rolling with everyone's new favorite woodland law man?

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