When it comes to superhero movie adaptations, the goal isn’t necessarily to make a carbon copy of a story from the comics, but they should at least stay true to the spirit of the source material. A lot of these movies have been successful in this endeavor, specifically with properly transitioning important characters from the printed page to the big screen. Unfortunately, there have also been many instances where beloved heroes and villains haven’t been treated with that kind of respect.

Whether it’s a Marvel entry or a DC offering, both companies have had instances where they’ve done a poor job or adapting a character for their movies, even if the story itself wasn’t necessarily bad. Here are the ten folks we’ve gathered whose adaptations have been the most egregiously botched, whether it was once or several times.

Mr. Freeze
Mr. Freeze
Yep, we’re starting off with an easy one, because really, almost everything is wrong with Batman & Robin’s Mr. Freeze. The unnecessarily glowing costume. The dull characterization. The cold puns. My God, the COLD PUNS! It’s a wonder they were able to fit in Victor Fries trying to save his terminally ill wife, but that wasn’t enough to make him remotely enjoyable. Mr. Freeze may have started out campy and ridiculous in the comics and ‘60s Batman TV series, but thanks to Batman: The Animated Series’ revamp, he shifted to being a tragic character, and that iteration would have been more interesting to watch than Batman & Robin’s joke-dropping version. Maybe he’ll have a shot at big screen redemption in one of the new Batman solo movies in the DCEU, but for now, people wanting to see a good live action Mr. Freeze should check out the most recent Gotham episodes.

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