As we learned earlier today, there is some really great stuff heading to Netflix in February – including Full Metal Jacket, Sin City, and the first season of Better Call Saul - but the end of January means that we will also soon be seeing a lot of movies heading off of the streaming service. The good news, however, is that there is still some time for you to catch them before they disappear.

There’s a hefty handful of titles that will be leaving Netflix in February 2016, but we’ve picked out the 10 best that you should be watching before they go. Read on for our recommendations!

The Terminator
The last week has not really been a good one for the Terminator franchise. First it was announced that Paramount Pictures has removed their Terminator Genisys sequel from the release calendar, and now we have the news that the film that started it all will soon no longer be streaming on Netflix. The good news is that any time is a good time to watch Arnold Schwarzenegger go hunting for Sarah Connor, including the final week of January.

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